Byte details partner program, says 100 percent of ad revenue will go to creators

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Byte, a short looping video and social network app — or, Vine 2 — has unveiled the details of its partner program. The program will see creators get paid for their work, something that gives Byte a leg up over competitors like TikTok.

Along with monetization, the program will give creators direct contact with the company, access to experimental features, meet and greets, as well as Byte apparel. The company’s long term plan is to give the majority of its revenue to creators with a small amount going towards operations and business.

Byte plans to run the partner program through invitations and will reach out to creators it wants to join the platform. However, users can also fill out a Google Form to be considered for the program. Byte will only offer it in the U.S. to start and will begin reaching out to creators in the next few weeks. Those creators will launch with its initial partner pool in the next two or three months.

Further, advertising will fund the partner pool. However, Byte promises that ads won’t run in the ‘Following’ feed or as pre-roll ads ahead of videos. On top of that, ads won’t use retargeting, which tracks people across the web and shows them ads for products they may have looked at online. Finally, Byte plans to share 100 percent of ad revenue with creators during the initial pilot period.

How much creators make will be determined by a viewership bracket system. Byte will establish partner pools every 120 days with payouts in four 30-day periods. It will place creators in brackets based on total viewership of posts within 30-day periods. Further, all partners within a bracket will get paid the same amount.

However, Byte is only a week old and the partner program is brand new. As such, the company plans to keep things small to start. Byte reportedly only saw 780,000 downloads in its first weekend, while TikTok saw 8.2 million downloads in the same timeframe, as well as 1.5 billion all-time downloads.

While it may seem like Byte has no chance against TikTok, it also doesn’t have a creator program like Byte’s. Even if Byte doesn’t grow to the same immense size as TikTok, it’s encouraging to see a company so dedicated to rewarding the people who make its platform worth using.

Source: The Verge

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