Customers in British Columbia experiencing phone service outages

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Customers in British Columbia and other parts of Western Canada have reported problems with their wireless services over the weekend.

Cellphone services including LTE connection and calls were interrupted across the province starting on Saturday. The problem is not with the carriers themselves, but are due to a storm that caused a landslide.

Reports coming in on Downdetector suggest that customers with services from Bell, Rogers, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Freedom and Fido are still experiencing problems into Sunday.

The main problem seems to be that customers are unable to receive calls from landlines or customers of other wireless providers. The carriers are notifying customers on Twitter that they are working to resolve the problem.

Bell says that it’s working with other carriers to restore full services as soon as possible.

Similarly, Rogers is replying to customers on Twitter and reassuring them that it’s working on the outage.

Additionally, Telus says that it has identified the problem is also working to resolve the situation.

Freedom Mobile also notified its customers that it’s working to restore services.

Further, emergency services including 911 phone lines were impacted on Saturday, but have since been restored.

Update 02/02/20 3:30 ET: The article was updated to include information about Freedom Mobile.

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