Coronavirus: Google, WHO launch SOS alert against outbreak

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Tech giant Google has joined hands with the World Health Organization (WHO) to launch an SOS alert on the coronavirus outbreak. The campaign will provide quicker access to people looking for coronavirus related information. The outbreak is perhaps the most serious problem the world is having right now.

Originating from the busy streets of Wuhan, China, the virus has since replicated and spread to other parts of the world. There are about 100 cases of the infection in about 18 countries other than China. Even India saw its first case of a coronavirus infection last week in the state of Kerala. Now the infection has spread to two more people in the state.

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In the new efforts taken by Google, people searching for information related to the coronavirus outbreak will see relevant links like safety tips, situation updates and resources from the WHO. “Today we launched an SOS Alert with @WHO, to make resources about #coronavirus easily accessible. When people search for related info on @Google, they’ll find the alert atop results page with direct access to safety tips, info, resources & Twitter updates from WHO,” tweeted Google.

Coronavirus impact in China

Typing ‘coronavirus’ into Google search will now give you quick links in addition to search results. These links will quickly direct you to tabs for elements like safety tips, Q&A and more. There are answers to important questions as well. These include information on how you can minimize the risk of catching the virus and how long the virus can survive on surfaces. Moreover, Google, via has also donated $250,000 dollars to Red Cross’ Chinese branch.

China, being the origin of the new coronavirus, has suffered the most. The country has already seen over 200 deaths due to the outbreak. Further, there were over 9,500 cases of infection as of Thursday. However, there have been no deaths outside China as of now.

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