YouTuber ports The Last of Us Part II for Sony PS1

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The Last of Us Part II was rated so highly, it is natural some fan thought of bringing the game to the first Sony PlayStation. The new edition of the game answers all your queries on how the game would have looked like if it had released back in the 90s.

A “demake” (an unofficial term for a game’s remake that actually has to tone it down to run on older devices) game developer has created the pixelated version of the game in Dreams, Media Molecule’s versatile game-creation platform. A video surfaced on YouTube with the game’s footage while it is being played on a first-generation PlayStation. The YouTuber, Bearly Regal, also remade Cyberpunk 2077 into a PS1 game.

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The new demake of The Last of Us Part II is a terrific recreation of the game that also happens to be very accurate. The game’s high graphics are reduced to polygonal shapes that belong to an older era of video games. The developer even managed to throw in a sombre guitar soundtrack to the whole game. The strained cries of the blind clicker zombies are there too. The scary zombies, however, are now reduced to weird, pink humanoid shapes.

What The Last of Us Part II on the PS1 looks like

The video on the developer’s YouTube demonstrates the blocky version of Ellie wandering in the same locations we saw in the playable demo of the original game. The video follows showing us how Ellie is hunted by a group of Huma scavengers. A remarkable similarity noticed in the PS1 version is how Ellie manages to grab and climb onto porches to giver users a vantage point. A similar scenario was explored in the real game’s demo where Ellie shoots an enemy from far away.

Barely Regal, the developer has become known on YouTube for his remakes of popular games for the PS1. For his effort on The Last of Us Part II, even Neil Druckmann, the creative director and Naughty Dog vice president shared the video on Twitter. He even praised the developer for the music. You can go and check out the video here.

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