Nike teams up with Piet Parra to design Olympic Skateboarding uniforms

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Nike has released its national uniforms for this year’s Olympic games in Tokyo, and the skateboarding kits have taken centre stage.

In what will be the sport’s inaugural inclusion in the world’s biggest sporting event, Nike has teamed up with Dutch artist Piet Parra to create clothing for Team USA, France and Brazil. With all eyes on skateboarding as a newcomer to the Games this summer, Nike has focused on individual approaches for each country, hoping to represent the unique skating cultures in each.

In all of Nike’s uniforms for the games, the materials are focused around sustainable innovation. The designs are environmentally minded, using 100 per cent recycled polyester and pattern efficiencies to produce minimal wastage, while still creating bold visual effects.

Team USA’s kit is centred around the concept of “freedom”. Its colours are borrowed from the stars and stripes flag, alongside other related shades. It also features a bald eagle on the bottom left of the shirt and country code on the sleeve.

The French kit takes inspiration from a traditional tennis polo with a modern twist. Tricolour colours are present throughout, with a flag placed on the left sleeve and the Gallic Cockerel on the chest.

Brazil’s colourful kit, on the other hand, takes inspiration from arguably its most famous export: football. The toucan is used as a national symbol in this design, and is stitched into the shirts to represent happiness.

The Olympic Games will be held this summer from 14 July until 9 August, and these uniforms will be worn in the two skateboarding competitions – Park and Street.

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