Xiaomi and Gupshup partner for smart SMS feature in MIUI 11

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Xiaomi India has teamed up with messaging platform Gupshup to add smart SMS features in MIUI 11. As part of the partnership, Gupshup will offer its “advanced AI-powered” features in the SMS app inside MIUI. The SMS app will offer an automated classification of different types of messages along with smart visualization. This will ensure that users can navigate through their SMS inbox quickly and efficiently. Xiaomi will roll out this new feature with the latest MIUI 11 update across all supported MIUI devices. It is also worth noting that MIUI is not the first OS to get these smart SMS features.

Xiaomi and Gupshup team-up details in MIUI 11

The company has not outlined the exact date for the rollout of the smart SMS inbox features. It is likely that Xiaomi will roll out this new feature to MIUI 11-powered devices in the coming months. Beerud Sheth, the CEO of Gupshup issued a statement as part of this partnership. Sheth added, “Gupshup is committed to bringing the best smart messaging experience to smartphone mobile users.” He went on to state, “We’re happy to be partnering with Xiaomi, whose premium devices are once again ahead of the technology curve and making lives efficient for millions of Mi Fans.”

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Muralikrishnan B, the Chief Operations Officer at Xiaomi India also issued a statement along with Sheth. He added, “We are extremely happy to bring Gupshup onboard and provide an improved messaging experience to all our users. MIUI has been built and customized especially for the Indian audience over the last five years. It not only tries to deliver the best user experience but also takes user feedback very seriously and incorporates it at regular intervals.”

Taking a closer look at the feature, the AI-powered software processes the text in SMS messages. After the processing, the software shows the SMS messages as “structured, actionable” and “easy-to-read cards”. After this, the software showcases these cards with the help of pre-designed templates to highlight important information. Gupshup clarified that the software does not send any SMS data outside while focusing on user privacy and data security. Some of the pre-designed templates include travel, courier, banking transactions, and entertainment or mobile recharge messages.

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