Jonas Lindstroem on his subtly powerful film for Sephora

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The brief to Lindstroem from creative director Florence Bellisson’s team at BETC was to find “a modern way to talk about beauty” with a coming of age story. The agency wanted the director to bring his distinct visual world to the campaign film, and worked with him to develop the chapters and characters, making sure they had “depth, realness and relatability”.

“It was always very interesting that it wasn’t just a typical advertising story of the happy, picture perfect life. We wanted real characters, we wanted to tell the ups and downs of any life, struggles, doubts, moments of joy; intimate, joyful, hard and soft.”

Aiming to be intimate and genuine, Lindstroem says the biggest challenge was understanding the nuances of the woman’s perspective, and picturing that with the right sensibilities. “[I drew] from experiences growing up around my sister, my mother – or today, my girlfriend – my everyday experiences around wonderful women… to ultimately make sure this story is told with the care and sensibility it deserves.”

To accompany the film, Nadine Ijewere has photographed a diverse cast for a series of prints that advertise Sephora’s departments (perfume, make-up, skin care, etc.) and show different types of beauty, regardless of age, gender, physique or style. Each is accompanied by a statement, envisioned as confidence-building mantras to be repeated in the mirror. “We hope that it will create room for self-expression, showing the variety of authentic and powerful beauties that make up today’s world,” says BETC’s Rémi Babinet. “This campaign shows a new vision of women: more natural, more ‘real’, relatable, aspirational. It has a real message about self-identity and self-building, all without imposing standards to adhere to. If the audience takes that away, we will have achieved our goal.”

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