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Feel like your typeface might be missing something? There’s good news! Type designer Jonathan Hoefler, who recently featured in Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design, is offering his services for free.

His online letterform clinics, that take place on Twitter, came about purely by accident. “It started informally last weekend,” Jonathan explains to It’s Nice That. “Jessica Hische tweeted about an uncooperative lowercase S she was working on, and since Jessica’s a friend, I dropped her a line to see if she wanted a second opinion,” he says. “She was kind enough to let me share our conversation in public, and almost immediately afterwards, a designer I’ve never met encouraged a friend of his to solicit an opinion, so I got in touch about a wordmark he was designing.”

Jonathan’s open critiques have been commended for their advisory nature. They are posted as an easy to follow Twitter thread, with annotated images accompanied by summarising comments. He has found the whole process intriguing, and enjoys how it exposes him to new ideas as well as giving him a chance to impart his own wisdom that he has accrued over a long and successful career.

“I love talking to typeface designers about their own work. My role at H&Co has always been a combination of designing and directing – establishing what I want every project to be, sure, but also soliciting input and evaluating new ideas along the way,” he says.

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