PUBG Corp apologize for problems and blames DDoS attacks

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The developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have now come out to apologize for the problems that have been plaguing the game. The game has been increasing experiencing performance issues with its players complaining and many leaving the game itself. The game has been plagued with connectivity problems on the PC version of the game. The devs have partly blamed it on denial-of-service or DDoS attacks in the month of November and the past month.

“We know the last few months have had some ongoing issues impacting gameplay and [we] wanted to take a moment to address everything,” PUBG Corp said. “We know the below issues have been extremely frustrating to deal with and we’re sorry they’ve persisted for so long.” The developers accept that there have been prevalent issues with fps DROPS, crashing, and stuttering or freezing issues with the game. They have even accepted that these are not all due to the DDoS attacks. They have also asked players experiencing issues to report to PUBG Corp’s support team. “This is a top priority for us right now, and we thank those of you who are affected for your patience,” PUBG Corp writes.

We recently reported that PUBG players have constantly complained that the developers should focus on fixing the blatant issues that are plaguing the game instead of adding new content. This was highlighted in a new post on Reddit which shows an image taken from Steam Charts. This image shows that the peak player numbers of PUBG has dropped lower than ever as of January 2020. The post has become the most upvoted on Reddit right now and claims that the devs have destroyed a great game by ignoring its player base.

The peak player count on PUBG has fallen to 606,689 players in January 2020. It has been on a constant decline since March 2018. Back then PUBG had hit a peak of 2.8 million players. One of the biggest complaints that players have had and wanted added is ‘action-queuing’. This is that feature that lets player instantly start firing with a weapon after a weapon is reloaded for example.

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