Secret Treasure Event brings free winnable items

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PUBG Mobile frequently brings new events for its players and the newest one is called Secret Treasure Event. This new event offers gamers a chance to win free items. Players get the chance to spin a lucky wheel comprising winning items. Primarily, the players can win items belonging to the Crimson Fox set and the Black Cat Set. Besides these there are other surprises within as well.

How to access and play the Secret Treasure Event?

From the main lobby, the players can access the Secret Treasure event. Once inside, players can see that there is a spin wheel for the Crimson Fox Set by default. On the right, the players can toggle between the Crimson Fox and the Black Cat sets. Using the UC, players can spin the wheel up to 10 times to win all items from either of the sets.

Easter eggs for bonus rewards

In the Secret Treasure event view, there are two easter eggs that allow players to win additional rewards. The first one is the crate on the left side. Opening this crate lets players win a Treasure of 30 UC. This voucher can be used to play the Secret Treasure event, by exchanging it to spin the wheel of items. There is also a surprise on the right side. When players click on surprise, they will receive a Premium Crate voucher, which can be redeemed for items in the premium crate. Players are guaranteed to win rewards using these two easter eggs. PUBG Mobile players can use this event to easily win some free rewards.

What do the sets comprise?

The Crimson Fox set and the Black Cat set comprise not just the complete outfits, but also other items like Silver, Gun Skins, Plane Skins, etc. Here are the detailed items that can be won when a player spins for either of the sets.

Crimson Fox Set: Silver, Crimson Fox Headgear, Crimson Fox – Aug Skin, Crimson Fox Plane Finish, Crimson Fox Set, Crimson Fox Helmet, Premium Crate Coupon Scraps, Crimson Fox – Pan, Crimson Fox Machete and Classic Crate Coupon Scraps.

Black Cat Set: Premium Crate Coupon Scraps, Black Cat Headgear, Classic Crate Coupon Scraps, Parachute Trails (Pink), Black Cat Set, Parachute Trails (Green), Black Cat Dacia, Black Cat Parachute and Silver.

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