Google Pixel 4a leaked images hint at a punch hold design

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Software giant Google seems to be working on an inexpensive version of its Pixel 4, the much-anticipated Google Pixel 4a. The company has not revealed any information about the Pixel 4a in an official capacity. However, with the launch of the Pixel 3a last year, fans have been waiting for the Pixel 4a. Much of the anticipation is because of the expensive price tag on the Pixel 4 lineup. We have seen anticipated renders, launch dates, and more for the rumored smartphone. However, a new report has just shared real-world leaked images of the smartphone. These images showcase the possible design of the upcoming smartphone. Let’s take a look at the design and more in detail.

Google Pixel 4a leaked images showcase the design

According to SlashLeaks, the leaked images for the Google Pixel 4a showcase both the front and the backside. Inspecting the images, we get to see a punch-hole design on the top left corner of the device. In fact, the punch hole is not even in the corner but slightly towards the middle. The front features a slightly thick chin at the bottom of the display. Moving to the back, we get a dedicated fingerprint scanner along with what appears to be a single-lens camera. We can also see the “Google” logo on what appears to be a plastic rear panel.

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The camera setup comes with a familiar square design regardless of the single-camera setup. In fact, the company has also added an LED flash unit with the camera sensor in the square design. It is unclear if these images are the real deal or fake. Some reports noted that the Pixel 4-like design makes sense in unifying the design. However, it is possible that we may be looking at an edited image.

Going through the renders, Google likely seems to be gunning for the design unification. As per previous rumors, the smartphone will come with a smaller 5.81-inch display with an LCD panel. It will also feature a 3.5mm audio jack along with a USB Type-C port.

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