Project Sandcastle allows iPhone 7 users to install Android

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Cybersecurity startup Corellium has just launched an interesting product in the market. This new product is called Project Sandcastle and it allows iPhone users install Android on their device. As per the information, this is not the first time that one has installed Android on an iPhone. The co-founder of the company David Wang started a project for porting Android OS to the original iPhone. It took more than a year to complete with the help of top iOS engineers from across the globe. Regardless, Wang managed to install Android on iPhone 3G. Now, this project wants to repeat this while supporting the latest version of Android along with multiple iPhone generations.

Project Sandcastle allows iPhone users to run Android

The Project Sandcastle website also shared some information about how the product works to allow Android on iPhone. As per the information, it uses virtualization on ARM with the help of Corellium’s mobile device virtualization platform. The platform allows users to create software models of different mobile devices allowing them to run ARM-based OS on ARM-based servers. It offers scalability, efficiency, and access to tools for research, testing, and more. This platform helped the team to start working on the Linux kernel without the need of actual hardware. The development team named the project “Sandcastle” because it offers “an opportunity to create something new from” imagination.

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It is also worth noting that Apple sued Corellium last year for its virtualization platform. The company accused Corellium of breaching copyright laws for creating a software version of the iPhone. Corellium went ahead to criticize Apple for restricting its users to operate inside a sandbox. Talking a closer look at the project, it is currently in a beta stage with “limited testing”. It only supports iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ at the time of writing. However, the company plans to support all iPhone devices from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 Pro. In addition, the status page also indicates possible support for the sixth and seventh-generation iPod Touch.

The status page indicates all the different components that currently work in the beta version for each device. It is possible that the company will add support for additional devices as they manage to get the hardware working. It is worth noting that no iPhone currently supports cellular connectivity, audio, camera and GPU in the beta version.

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