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Atria Convergence Technologies Limited (ACT), the telecom company that provides fiber services, has made a new announcement. As part of the announcement, the company has just increased the speed and bandwidth of all its plans. Taking a closer look at the increase, the company has upgraded all the ACT Fibernet plans to provide at least 300mbps. In addition, the company has also increased the data allowance by revising the FUP to unlimited. It is worth noting that users don’t have to pay any additional charges with these upgrades. The company clarified that these upgrades are made to promote a better work from home experience.

ACT Fibernet upgrade details

The company shared this announcement on its official Twitter handle to inform its existing ACT Fibernet customers. It also sent out its email newsletter and other social media handles to spread this information. Taking a look at the announcement, it seems obvious that ACT is referring to the gradual spread of the Coronavirus situation. The company also revealed that these upgrades in the speed and bandwidth are only applicable for this month of March. We are unsure if the “present scenario” as mentioned in the tweet will improve by then. However, the free gesture in good on part of ACT.

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In fact, the announcement that ACT made is complimentary to announcements from major companies across the world. These include the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and more that have asked employees to work from home.

As part of the tweet, the company also shared some information about how to make use of this offer. ACT stated that users need to login on its mobile app to likely enable this offer. It is also possible that users can enable this with the help of customer service or the website. No other internet provider has made such a move in the Indian market. However, this recent announcement may push others to follow the suite.

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