PUBG Mobile Lite brings Women’s Day special event

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PUBG Corp, the developer behind the popular game PUBG Mobile has just launched new content for the PUBG Mobile Lite. As part of the new content, the company is bringing a new Women’s Day special event and a lucky spin. Players can currently access both the new events inside the game. PUBG Corp claims that users can interact with both the event to “further enjoy” while winning “exciting outfits, accessories”, and more. It went on to add that PUBG Corp continues to work on making the game and interface more appealing. This new event is here to “celebrate womanhood”. Let’s have a closer look at both the new events.

PUBG Mobile Lite brings two special events; details

First up, let’s talk about the Women’s Day special event. The company clarified that this event will be available until March 8, 2020. PUBG Corp added that this custom event will offer users a chance to participate in an exclusive event. As part of the event, users can get in-game bouquets or exchange the bouquets for rewards. Developers have also added daily missions as part of the event for players. Taking a closer look, players can also exchange bouquets to qualify for the exclusive event. The second event is the lucky spin where players can get another chance to get quick rewards.

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As part of the second event, PUBG Mobile Lite players can access this event from March 5th to March 25, 2020. The lucky spin will also function as a lucky treasure event. Users will have to pay 10 Battle Coins (BC) while making the first draw of the day. Players can also use the spin multiple times to claim the reward.

It is also worth noting that the exchange shop will also stop along with the event. So, make sure that you get something and make something of the items from the lucky spin. This announcement comes days after PUBG Mobile released its 0.17.0 version.

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