Drawing from personal experience, Rosi Tooth’s illustrations are sentimental, pink and extremely relevant

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  • Drawing from personal experience, Rosi Tooth’s illustrations are sentimental, pink and extremely relevant
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Graphic designer by day and illustrator by night, Rosi tends to work gruellingly long hours – but it’s all for the love of the craft. Beginning her day job in commercial and corporate design at 8:30 AM, she tends to work on her illustrations and ceramics at around 7:30 PM for a few hours. “A lot of people wonder how I keep on top of everything but I get an hour for lunch, which is when I tend to draw the most,” she explains. “I don’t ever really switch off, so if I have an idea I just jot it down on a sticky note and stick it to the side of my computer screen.” A long day, to say the least, but Rosi is constantly filled with excitement about returning home to work on her personal endeavours.

Rosi’s drawings take form in a consistent style – where pink ladies with blue hair take centre stage. “I think my best ideas and illustrations are about the way I feel and my experiences,” she says, before explaining how when she first picked up a pencil, she was struggling with body image. “I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and I had set such a high unattainable standard for myself that was making me really unhappy.” Thankfully, she’d stumbled across artist Amber Vittoria, who’s known for tackling topics like this. “Seeing illustrators tackle body image in such interesting ways was so inspiring to me, so I went away and drew lots of women in all the ways I’d previously seen as unattractive – I began to fall in love with the ‘flaws’ I was drawing.”

The epitome of Rosi’s craft can be seen in her recently finished series titled Things I’d Tell My Younger Self – what she refers to as her favourite set to date. Her own experiences of feeling like “I wish someone had told me this,” sparked frustration as well as the idea to jot it down into a visual narrative. “I posed the question to the people that follow me online and the response was really overwhelming,” she says. “So many people messaged me back with such lovely advice, it felt like such a waste to leave it in my inbox – I decided to draw as many as I could.” A favourite being Taking a break doesn’t mean that path is over for you forever, where a huge lady is laying down in a path among overgrown flowers and grass, “the path still exists even though she’s stopped.”

“I want my audience to be humoured, to feel connected and to feel inspired,” she concludes. “But it really does depend on the piece; the clay work is mainly humorous and sweet, whereas my illustrations tackle topics around mental health, women’s health, body image and self-awareness.” Sentimental and fuelled by her own experiences, we advise you all to take a long ponder at this portfolio – Rosi’s work will most likely connect with each and every one of its viewers in some way or another.

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