Google Holi trick: Here’s how you can celebrate Holi digitally

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Tech giant Google is known to get creative with users on special occasions. Holi, the festival of colors in India is Google’s latest target. Google has come up with an ingenious way to play Holi with your smartphone or desktop.

The special easter egg of sorts works by filling your google search page with a bunch of color palettes that you can use to spread colors across your screen. Google will display a few color palettes and you can click on them to obtain the color-splashing touch. Now wherever you click on the screen a random Holi color will splash across the screen. Here is how you can make this trick work on your screen.

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First you need to go to the Google homepage or the Google Search application. Here type in ‘Holi’ and hit search. You should see a few colored powder bowls on the screen. Click on these bowls to select the splashing mode. Now wherever you click, you will splash a random color. Start tapping all around the screen and watch as the colors keep changing.

Go on and tap on the screen as much as you like to keep filling it with Holi colors. When you are done or want to start over again, Tap on the water-drop icon that appears on the top. This will ‘wash’ the screen of all colors, bringing you back to your search results. You may now start clicking on links and use the search engine. Alternatively, you can also tap on the color palettes again to splash away yet again.

Google is also encouraging people to share their Holi screens with the company. Add a #HappyHoli hashtag to share your colored Google screen with others on social media. Note that the trick works with both mobile and desktop devices. You can get the feature anywhere irrespective of the device you’re using. Just open the Google page or the Search application.

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