Amazon Power Bank Fest: Check out the best deals

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Phone batteries are getting better with each year. Be it capacities or charging speeds, or a combination of both, users are beginning to demand more and more juice from their batteries. However, as good as batteries are today, most of them are still not good enough for you to charge your phone once and make it last through the weekend. That is where power banks come in. Now if you’re in the market looking for a good power bank that suits both your needs and budget, here’s why it’s a great time to get one on Amazon.

Amazon is hosting the Power banks fest from March 10 to March 12. During the sale, Amazon is offering a bunch of deals and offers on various power banks. These include both 10,000mah and 20,000mAh power banks from different brands. Here are the best deals on power banks during the Amazon Power Bank fest.

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Amazon Power Bank Fest: Best deals

There are various 10,000mAh power banks available for very low prices. The Zinq Technologies Z10KPB 10,000mAh is available for Rs 499. The Lapguard 10,400mAh power bank is also available starting Rs 499.  The Realme 10,000mAh power bank which launched for Rs 1,699 is now available for Rs 1,299. The Duracell 10,050mAh power bank is available for Rs 2,499.

Redmi Power Banks

The recently launched Redmi power banks are available for Rs 799 for the 10,000mAh variant and Rs 1,499 for the 20,000mAh variant. The best part of Redmi Power Bank is support for dual input, which eliminates the need to carry two cables. You will be able to use a micro-USB cable or a USB Type-C cable to charge the power bank.

They also have a dual USB output, which means you will be able to charge two devices at once. The 10,000mAh Redmi Power Bank comes with support for up to 10W fast charging. The 20,000mAh Power Bank supports up to 18W Fast Charge.

The Redmi Power Bank also supports a two-way fast charge. It means it will charge as well as charge other devices at fast speed simultaneously. It also comes with a smart low power mode. When you press the power button twice, it enters the smart low power mode. In this mode, the power bank intelligently customizes the voltage. This will be ideal for charging accessories like Bluetooth headphones or fitness trackers. The company also says that the Li-Polymer battery comes with advanced 12-layer circuit protection.

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