Apple iOS 14 reveals iPhone 9, new iPad Pro details

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We recently started hearing about iOS 14, Apple’s upcoming operating system update for its iPhones. After getting a look at a few new features that are coming with the update, we now have news on the rumored Apple iPhone 9 and a new iPad Pro. The information was also reportedly extracted from an iOS 14 leak.

The leaked information reveals information about several new Apple products. Apart from the iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro, this includes the Apple AirTags and a new Apple TV remote.

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New iPad Pro

According to the leaked information, the upcoming Apple iPad Pro will feature a new triple-camera lens. This camera setup will also include a new Time of Flight (ToF) 3D sensor, a wide lens, a telephoto lens, and an ultra-wide-angle lens. This is the biggest change from the current iPad Pro.

Apple was recently revealed to be working on an AR application to get more information on the world around them. The new ToF sensor inclusion is likely an inclusion made specifically for this.

Apple iPhone 9

The Apple iPhone 9 will go back to supporting Touch ID, something the brand had dumped long ago in favor of Face ID. The phone will also support Express Transit capabilities. Apple is likely to push older iPhone 6 users to upgrade due to their lack of Express Transit.

While the Apple iPhone 9, or the SE 2, was rumored to be released sometime in this quarter, the launch will likely be pushed back. Apple, like many other brands, has faced a lot of issues due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Further, Apple is also reportedly developing on a new workout application, reveals This new application, based on iOS 14, will actually be for Apple TV users. It will allow users to download guided training workouts and let them be coached via the Apple TV.

Apple AirTags

Finally, the iOS 14 code has also offered new information on the rumored Apple AirTags. The Apple AirTags are small traceable chips that you can pair and leave with important items. These include bags, wallets and more. The new iOS 14 code now adds that the update will allow these AirTags to be set up in bulk. Moreover, the tags will also feature user-replaceable batteries.

Lastly, iOS 14 code offers new details on Apple’s upcoming AirTag item trackers. 9to5Mac has previously reported many details on AirTags, including the marketing name. iOS 14 code indicates that AirTags will be able to be set up in bulk through iOS and that there will be a user-replaceable battery, much like Tile item trackers.

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