Call of Duty – Here’s the list of Game Modes

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Call of Duty is no unknown name in the mobile game industry. With the announcement of a new scrapyard map and previewing another cage map for multiplayer modes, the game has entered a hit list. With its growing audience and players, the game has become more intense and will bring some of the best shooting experiences. The Call of Duty offers several modes, including Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Domination, Free-for-all, Destroy, and recently added mode Plunder. Each mode is different from each other.

Call of Duty has long been a popular FPS first-party shooting game. Gaming lovers around the world love it. With recent updates, Call of Duty has added a new warzone known as Plunder on 10 March 2020. This warzone adds for players who already play as a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as one-time early access.

Check out several Call of Duty Modes:

Plunder Mode

Call of Duty’s plunder mode is the real star of the game as it has 102 players that divide into squads of three players batch. The teams must get most of the cash in 30 minutes. Unlike Battle royal games, the players in Plunder mode reappear after having been killed in the game. The players in Call of Duty Plunder mode must earn cash from completing their targets. These targets include looting and picking up the money that is left by an enemy player after they die.


Frontline is one of the modes in Call of Duty that plays on several maps, including Kill house, Crossfire, Hijacked, Crash, and Nuke town. It is the default mode in CallCall of Duty. Every team must kill 50 enemies to win the match.


Free-For-All is also known as FFA, Deathmatch, and Wolfpack 1 in CallCall of Duty. In this mode, each player puts against each other. There’s no team, and every player must fight against each other to survive. The ranking will depend on the highest number of kills a single player has done. 20 is the maximum number of kills that a single player can do. A player who killed a total of 20 players first wins the round.


In this mode, the team must kill its opponent and secure the position for a longer time. It will make them earn points. There are 40 players in Domination mode, and each team must win the 3 flags mentioned within the map. The team which wins the 3 flags faster wins the match. With every flag, the team gets one point. The first team who wins the 200 points wins the game.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a simple team-based match in which two teams with maximum 5 to 6 players fight to reach the kill cap or get the maximum kills within the given 30 seconds time frame. Each team must kill 40 times its enemy to win the game.

Search and Destroy

Four to six players of two teams face each other in Search and Destroy mode of Call of Duty. It is an objective game mode. The main motto of this game is to destroy two or three objective mentions on the map by using a single bomb. Another objective of the game is to kill all enemy players. The team who destroys the purpose or kills the enemy players within 2 minutes will win the match. The first team who wins the 4 points in the game will win the game. With every round, the team will switch their positions.

An exciting feature of Search & Destroy mode is that there’s only 1 bomb available. If the player holding the bomb dies before the match could end, then the next player must hold the bomb and continue the game. It takes 5 seconds to plant the bomb and 7.5 seconds to defuse it. As soon as the player plants the bomb, the timer will start. Respawning is not allowed in this mode, which means around can be won if an entire team eliminates.


Hardpoint is a game mode featured in Call of Duty. Holding the hardpoint increases the teams’ score, but if no players are in the hardpoint, no points gain. It is like Headquarters, but respawning is always enabled, even if the player’s team is holding the hardpoint.

Another update that’s been rolling in the gadget world is that Call of Duty is getting rid of its Zombie’s mode from 25 March 2020. Zombie mode was launched with the idea that the makers will get feedback from the users and then make some changes. But it seems the Zombie mode doesn’t match the standards of the Call of Duty.


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