Microsoft releases Office Insider Monthly (Targeted) v 2003 Build 12624.20176 for Windows users, here is what’s new

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Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders who registered in Monthly(Targeted) channel. For those unaware, the Monthly channel is equivalent to the Slow ring where you get a comparatively less buggy update.

The new Build 12624.20176 has introduced a couple of new features to Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. You can read the official changelog below.



Automatically use new data types* 

When you type a data value that resembles a possible stock or geographic location, Excel offers to convert it to the appropriate connected data type – Stocks or Geography. Give it a try!

  1. Type in several geographic locations (such as “Seattle”, “London”, or “Tel Aviv”) or stock ticker symbols (such as “MSFT”, “ADBE”, or “AAPL”) in separate cells in a column.
  2. When Convert to Geography or Convert to Stocks appears to the right of the selected cell, click on it.

Excel workbook with convert data box.

* This feature is only available in English right now.


Drag emails to a group you own 

As a group owner, you can now move and copy messages and threads by dragging and dropping them from your mailbox to the groups’ mailbox. Once moved, the content is visible to all the group members, and anyone can read the messages and participate in the conversation.

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Better search results, faster 

The Search experience in Outlook just got a facelift! It is now more reliable, intelligent, and faster than ever. Also, any search entry is now being spell checked and, if errors are detected, helpful suggestions are offered to ensure that you get to the results you’re looking for. Finally, notice that the most relevant search results are presented at the top of the results list, making access faster.

Image of Outlook mailbox with search items highlighted.


Diagrams get connector support  

Now, the converted lines between objects are connectors anchored to the shapes.

Ink conversion is also easier than ever with just clicking the “Convert your ink button”  Blue lightning bolt in white box.  . Select the converted object again to be able to access other conversion alternates, to make sure the conversion fits your needs. Give it a try!  Give it a try!

Blank white boxes with the black connector conversion box to the right.

To update to the latest Office Insider Preview Build, open any Office program and go to File> Account> Update options> Update Now.

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