Samsung Galaxy Z Flip available on Amazon for pre-booking

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South Korean smartphone brand Samsung’s latest folding device is now available for pre-booking, Amazon recently added the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for pre-booking on its website. The phone is available in two color variants. These are black and purple.

The smartphone is priced at Rs 1,09,999 for both color variants. Amazon has mentioned that the phone will be released on March 18. While there are no particular discounts and offers yet, users can opt for the smartphone exchange offer. This allows you to exchange your old phone for the new device, and get a cut in the price.

Watch: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip First Look

Samsung also conducted a previous pre-booking plan last month for the Galaxy Z Flip. During the pre-booking sale, the phone was ‘sold out’ and deliveries had started on February 26. It is rumored that since then, the production of the folding smartphone has been affected due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The brand had temporarily shut down a smartphone plant in the South Korean city of Gumi. The shutdown came shortly after a plant employee tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Samsung planned complete disinfection at the plant in Gumi a few days later.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features and specifications

Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip as its second foldable smartphone. The Korean company calls it as the smartphone for trendsetters and those who want to stay ahead. It is a clamshell device that comes in black and purple finishes, as seen in various leaks before. The outer display is called a cover display and it shows notifications at glance. When unfolded, there is a 6.7-inch display that is definitely taller than standard smartphones.

The Galaxy Z Flip has a design similar to that of the Moto Razr. It comes in three different colors: Mirror Purple, Mirror Black and Mirror Gold. The real engineering here is the new ultra-thin glass. While thin glass might sound brittle, Samsung says this glass is designed to be durable. It has a free stop hinge, meaning the hinge can hold the device in any angle. Samsung calls this Flex Mode. The company is also giving away YouTube Premium to those who buy this clamshell foldable smartphone.

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