Ben Mendelewicz’s latest book brings together suffocating stories with a “no way out kinda plot”

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Ben Mendelewicz is a rather busy man these days. But despite working across pretty much every medium imaginable, the American illustrator always finds himself drawn back to the allure of print.

“I do a lot of graphic work for TV, album covers, spot illustrations, music videos etc,” he tells It’s Nice That. “I’ve done sculptures, wall pieces and video works too, but I would say the most consistent medium of my output so far has been books, most of it comics or narrative.”

Ben’s latest project is a collection of five separate stories that have been published in anthologies over the past few years. The book is called I Saw My Career Flash Before My Eyes, which serves as a comedic play on the famous Life Review phrase, as well as being related to the themes of the stories themselves. “I realised that most of the stories I had made in the past few years had the same suffocating ‘no way out’ kinda plot,” he says.

Interestingly, for the publication, there are some pieces of work that never made it to print, with the primary story only being published digitally prior to this. “The most substantial of the bunch was commissioned by Mould Map for its digital comics anthology Earth Pantropy. It was the first comic I did that was specifically formatted for digital viewing. And paradoxically I reformatted it for a 8.5 x 11 page and printed it. It’s called Lock In and it’s a sci-fi envisioning of life and work culture, real estate and body modification in the near future.”

These dystopian tales are aptly told in Ben’s digital illustrative style, which suits such subject matter down to the ground. Not dissimilar to a video game aesthetic, it evokes a futuristic feeling that is further exacerbated by generally dark tones mixed with bright flashes.

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