Follow the ups and downs of a creative career in Bat’s new animation for Wacom

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The story of a creative’s ups and downs is wholly universal. It’s something that all kinds of creative people, from typographers to ceramicists have experienced in some form, it is also a vast journey explored in Wacom’s new film, aptly titled The Creative Journey. Directed by Bat, a London-based studio founded by Bali Engel and Mat Landour, the one-and-a-half-minute animation charts an artist’s creative endeavour from its humble beginnings to eventual success with, of course, a few pitfalls along the way.

Created in collaboration with illustrators Rune Fisker, Jose Luis Agreda, Juan Barabani, not to mention Shan Jiang who made the final illustration, the recent animation was produced by Not To Scale. “We were lucky to be included quite early on alongside Dan O’Rourke and the agency,” Engel tells It’s Nice That, “and we built a rough storyline of a single shot sequence, a visual metaphor for one’s career.”

Visualising the creative career in six stages, the directors split the general creative trajectory as follows: getting your work out there, rejection, starting over, achieving the first successes, and finally, mastering the craft. At first, Engel and Landour thought to tackle the project through the point of view of an artist, but quickly decided against it. “We changed it to something more metaphorical, with an artist chasing his own creation,” says Landour, “an eagle changing shape with each chapter.”

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