Here are all of the movies streaming early in Canada due to COVID-19

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Over the past week, many major film companies have had to drastically alter their film release slates amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since this has led to the indefinite closure of theatres in Canada and other countries, studios have instead opted to bring some of their recent movies to digital platforms early.

Altogether, there are more than a dozen films that are being made available digitally for rent or purchase weeks or even months ahead of schedule. Given that the global coronavirus health crisis is constantly developing, it’s possible that other films will release early on digital as well. Therefore, we’ll update this story as any new titles are announced.

In most cases, these films will cost around $24.99 CAD, which will cover either a 48-hour rental or an outright purchase. Specific pricing and platforms will be mentioned per title as they become available.

Here are the early release films:


Frozen 2 — On March 17th, Disney brought Frozen 2 to Disney+ Canada — three months ahead of schedule. In the sequel to 2013’s animated smash hit, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven journey across the land to discover the origins of Elsa’s powers and save their kingdom.

Stream Frozen 2 on Disney+ here.

Onward — Pixar’s latest film had only been in wide theatrical release for two weeks before coming to digital platforms on March 20th. The film follows two teenage elf brothers as they go on a magical journey to bring their dad back to life.

It’s worth noting that the movie was confirmed to be coming to Disney+ on April 3rd, but so far, that’s only for the U.S. For now, you can buy Onward for $24.99 on Google Play and iTunes.


I Still Believe — This Christian romantic drama just arrived in theatres on March 13th before being set to head to digital on March 27th. The film is based on the life of American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp and his wife Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, the latter of whom must deal with ovarian cancer.


Sonic the Hedgehog — The video game icon’s first-ever live-action film is racing its way to digital on March 31st — about six weeks after coming to theatres. The movie follows Sonic as he teams up with a small town sheriff to stop the evil Dr. Eggman.

You can buy Sonic the Hedgehog for $24.99 on Google Play and iTunes.


Bloodshot — Vin Diesel’s latest action movie releases on digital on March 24th — just over one week after hitting theatres. The Fast and Furious star plays a marine who gets killed-in-action, only to be revived with superpowers by an organization that wants to use him as a weapon.

You can buy Bloodshot for $19.99 on Google Play and iTunes.


The Gentlemen — Guy Ritchie’s return to the world of gangster flicks hit theatres on January 24th and will arrive on digital on March 24th. Matthew McConaughey stars as a marijuana kingpin as he fends off efforts to undermine his business.


Dolittle — The reboot of the Doctor Dolittle films (adapted from Hugh Lofting’s The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle) opened in theatres on January 17th and will premiere digitally on March 24th. While critically-panned, you (or your kids) may still want to see Robert Downey Jr.’s first post-Iron Man role as he goes on an adventure with talking animals.

You can buy Dolittle for $24.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

Emma — This adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel of the same name of 1815 released in theatres on February 14th and lands on digital on March 20th. Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Emma, a young woman who interferes in the love lives of her friends.

You can rent Emma for $19.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

The Hunt — Universal’s so-controversial-it-was-delayed-out-of-2019 satirical thriller is available on digital on March 20th, a mere one week after its March 13th theatrical debut. Loosely based on Richard Connell’s 1924 short story, The Most Dangerous Game, The Hunt follows a group of elites as they hunt 12 lower-class conservatives.

You can rent The Hunt for $19.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

Trolls World Tour — The sequel to 2016’s animated musical comedy will release on April 10th in both theatres (at least, whichever remain open) and on digital. This time around, Poppy and Branch discover there are six different Troll tribes around the world dedicated to various musical genres.

The Invisible Man — This contemporary adaptation of H.G. Wells’ 1897 science-fiction novel of the same name (which was itself turned into a film series in the ’30s) comes to digital on March 20th, following its February 28th theatrical opening. Elisabeth Moss stars as a woman who, after the apparent suicide of her abusive husband, becomes convinced that he is stalking her.

You can rent The Invisible Man for $19.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

Warner Bros.

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn — One of the “oldest” movies on this list, the Margot Robbie-led superhero team-up comes to digital on March 24th, following its February 7th theatrical debut. Follow Harley Quinn as she breaks away from the Joker and goes up against Gotham’s deadliest criminals with the help of a cop, vigilante and singer.

You can buy Birds of Prey for $24.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

Just Mercy — Following a wide release on January 10th, the Michael B. Jordan-led legal drama will release digitally on March 24th. Just Mercy tells the true story of Bryan Stevenson, an attorney who fights to exonerate a wrongfully-convicted African-American man.

You can buy Just Mercy for $24.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

The Way Back —  Originally released in theatres on March 6th, Ben Affleck’s new sports drama drops on digital on March 24th. Affleck stars as an alcoholic construction worker who goes back to his old high school to coach a basketball team.

You can The Way Back for $24.99 on Google Play and iTunes.

Are you planning on streaming any of these films? Let us know in the comments.

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