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DesignCap is a web-based free online graphics app engineered to simplify the cumbersome process of graphic design and reduce cost dramatically, it comes to us from the Pearl Mountain team who have worked on projects like fotojet.

Here the thing, one of the reasons why online design sites have become less and less popular is thier sad push towards being highly specialized in 1 specific area, meaning that you have to get a different account for presentations, logos, banners etc and it quickly gets overwhelming or you are just put off all together.

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What we like best about Design cap is the combined source of all things graphics, logos, reports, banners, business cards, flyers, presentations etc. That’s no small statement, especially when it comes to addressing the different daily needs that a small business might want I have yet to find a service with this many options.

Another great reason to use Design cap is there is virtually no learning curve at all. If you’re familiar with dragging and moving elements and can understand the basics of design then you should up running in a few minutes. No complex tutorial or jargon that you need to master before getting into your next project. Simply select a category, pick a template and you’re good to go. The UI is simple, hover and you know what each tool does and that’s pretty much it.

Adding to the list of features, we really like the idea of being able to save projects and revisit them at a later time. How many times have you worked on something got it just right and the worst happend, you forgot to save or export it? well design Cap lets you get straight back into your last project without much effort. but most importantly it reminds you of you want to save or discard your current project before jumping on to the next item.

Let’s go straight into one more reason why you would want to use Design cap which is price. For what it offers, the price is pretty much unbeatable despite the somewhat limited template’s the diverse categories and ability to import stock images more than compensates for this short coming.
Anything that you would to do beyond Design Cap would probably require you to get a professional designer but that’s outside of the target niche for this service and for that reason this is perfect for the start up or individuals that want something better than what their word processor can achieve without the headache of trying to become a professional.

We like Design Cap very much, so much so that we’ve used a few of their elements in some of our presentations because they were simple to put together and you don’t need a master piece for every project.

Overall there is very little to dislike about Design Cap, it’s easy to use, the price is more than reasonable should want access to pro features but more importantly they have put together a well rounded suite of designs that pretty much cover any design needs. plus theres a whole section dedicated to corona awareness and that shows us that they care about the content available and are continuously adding more to their templates.

Tree it for free NOW and you won’t regret it and a big thanks to Cathy (Partnership Manager) for giving us access to their pro features.

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