Avast launches new privacy-centric mobile browser

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Avast recently released an Android version of Avast Secure Browser. The browser extends its platform support beyond Windows and Mac to mobile. The multi-platform browser is part of Avast’s ongoing focus to converge security and privacy services to enable a safer, more private and faster-browsing experience across devices and operating systems.

The Avast Secure Browser for Android was developed following company’s 2019 acquisition of Tenta, a private browser backed by Blockchain pioneers ConsenSys. It has since been built from the ground up by privacy and cybersecurity engineers focused on total encryption. At its core is strong encryption including AES-256, ChaCha 256-bit, and the latest TLS/SSL cryptographic protocols for the data transport layer.

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Avast Secure Browser for Android supports multiple DNS options straight out of the box. This includes DNS over TLS, DNSSEC and decentralized DNS support. There are more security-focused features. These include a VPN that encrypts all inbound and outbound connections and an encrypted media vault. There’s a unique PIN code for device access that is never stored on any server nor on the device itself. The browser also has anti-tracking technologies used to prevent websites, advertisers and other web services from tracking online activity

“Avast’s core mission is to make the world a safer place by protecting the security and privacy of every customer. Our commitment to being a privacy-by-design technology provider was behind our acquisition of leading private mobile browser Tenta, whose technology has contributed to the development of our new Avast Secure Browser for Android, “ said Scott Curtiss, Vice President and General Manager at Avast.

“Our goal is to be the first all-in-one browser to secure our users’ privacy along with a frictionless secure browsing experience. Adding support for mobile is another milestone in our journey towards this long-term goal,” he added. Later this year, the mobile version of Avast Secure Browser will launch for iOS. Avast Secure Browser is currently compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7, Android and macOS. You can download it via the Avast website

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