Loïc Altaber’s reductive practice favours simplicity, not minimalism

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“From a formal point of view, I have modernist inspirations,” Loïc says, in discussing his influences, expanding that he’s “always been attracted to the work of the Bauhaus.” On a more personal note, however, a major influence on Loïc is the cinema – “the sequence in a film can be very inspiring, you can make a lot of connections between films and books.” In particular, he finds more overt inspiration in the typography found in films, highlighting the work of Saul Bass especially, as well as the concept of movie posters as a medium in design.

This passion for cinema manifested in his master’s diploma project that looked towards the work of cinematic legend Buster Keaton, creating and designing a fictional film retrospective. Utilising the “notion of time” and analysing the data from Keaton’s movies, as well as Keaton’s specific style of parallel movement across the screen, Loïc animated the identity and posters. The end product is incredibly striking and satisfying; truly exemplifying Loïc’s priority showed towards the content. This cinematic fascination has bled into his non-commercial practice too, as Loïc’s current personal project looks at the final duel in Sergio Leone’s The good, the bad and the ugly. We are excited to see how this will manifest.

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