Made Thought and DesignStudio donate expertise to corona-hit businesses for Now Needs New

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Creative agency matchmaker Ask Us For Ideas has launched a new scheme that will pair businesses in need of strategic help with design agencies like Made Thought, Two Times Elliot and DesignStudio. The scheme, called Now Needs New, is open to brands internationally but aims to specifically support “businesses in need of creative counsel that have met with new-found hurdles during the coronavirus crisis,” a statement about the project explains.

Now Needs New is a twist on AUFI’s normal business model of pairing a network of studios with brands in need of a creative partner. Studios involved in Now Needs New include Koto, Character, Base, Venture 3, Otherway, Re, Chandelier, Accept & Proceed, OK-Cool and King & Partners, and will all offer the experience free of charge. Many of those involved have also featured on AUFI’s excellent podcast series, Private View(s).

AUFI co-founder Nick Bell, explains that the idea underpinning Now Needs New is a recognition that it will need a collective effort to buoy the economy amid Covid-inspired uncertainty. Bell says, “The future has been pulled out from under us like a rug and we need to adapt. Now is the time for pivoting strategies and to re-evaluate how you engage with customers. Doing nothing is not an option.”

After a call with AUFI to assess which studio might be best suited to the nature of the project or problem, businesses will be paired up with an agency and invited to three creative workshops. Advice on offer will include thinking about pivot strategies, new tactics or unexpected opportunities that will help business to weather what looks to be a particularly daunting financial year.

Toby Wilkinson, AUFI co-founder, adds: “The ideal output of these sessions is an invigorated client team, an instilled sense of purpose and a collection of ideas and innovations that will help push companies and our world forward. These partnerships will have a long-lasting, inspiring nature. While they may not provide all the answers, we’re sure the road ahead will be brighter.”

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