5 reasons why Interserver.net is the best webhosting service for your Start-Up

As a growing Agency we are often faced with two challenges on a regular basis, Firstly trying to maintain an ever-growing client list without a drop in service quality and speed and secondly as we grow as a business, how do we plan our scaling so as to make it easier on our staff and as well as the bottom line. A few months ago we were experiencing a tough situation where we were being pulled in both of these directions and it was starting to show in our deliverables (ugly). Our then host had Slow turn arounds when it comes to registration and hosting support requests. plus the customer service was unprofessional and nearly cost us big with a lawsuit threat from one of our customers whose domain was taken offline by “accident” as we were told. So our search begun to find a hosting company with competitive pricing and services for an angency like Tech-Chat that handles alot of domains and also one that could offer a 24 hr support with a team of professionals who know what they were doing and could handle some of the rather complicated back end solutions without breaking a sweat.

our team made a shortlist of the most “popular” hosting companies globally, and we sat down and discussed the possibility of moving our entire client base to them and what that would intel for our small team and whether this would make business sense in the short and long term. trust me as the senior developer some these companies reviews gave me sleepless nights, we asked questions and made inquiries and unfortunately, with most of them the fit just wasn’t right. From terms and conditions that were unsuitable for us being a reseller of services to payment plans that weren’t flexible enough to meet our delicate needs.

So a few months ago while doing some late-night back end work I was going through more company reviews of the ones we shortlisted and I spotted interserver. A quick search brought me to their site and a few minutes later I was discussing their packages with 1 of their customer service personal (at 2 am) and oddly enough they were a perfect fit, However, skepticism got the best of me. I wrote down their name and forgot about them.

Months later problems persisted with our former host and the time came to make a final decision on how we were going to remain sustainable as a business with such horrendous service providers. it came down to two choices 1) HostGator, which would mean we would have to cough up 3 years worth of hosting fees upfront since they don’t have a reasonable monthly option. this would be necessary just to keep our overheads low but at the risk of not growing despite having already paid them and 2) Namecheap who had the pricing and features right but had a terrible reputation for slow servers and an even worse customer service history.

Then I remembered my little note about interserver.net, after an extensive period of inquiries and conversations with our team and their sales department below are the 5 reasons why we went with Interserver over the other options:

1) Monthly payments: look as a business that is hosting a lot of domains at a time, you simply don’t have the capital at hand to pay 1 or 2 or even 3 years of hosting in advance especially when you have never done business with the said hosting company before. what we loved about interservers package was low buy-in, namely their price lock guarantee to test whether they could deliver and then

2) scalability: we are growing and sometimes that means we lose some customers, that’s just the reality of business but then when you are locked in and can’t be flexible to grow or shrink when necessary, it puts you at the risk of growing too quickly then being unable to maintain your client base and thus constantly fighting a losing battle.
scaling up from a smaller hosting package or down to a smaller package is easy, with options galore including VPS, IP addresses and reseller hosting they leave us wanting for nothing.

3) Customer Support: We are based in South Africa and most of the companies we do business with are local so the issue of a 24hr customer support team is brilliant, and the 1-3 hr turnaround guarantee is just amazing. Nothing like it anywhere else.

4) Up Time: Interservers hosting shaved an entire second on our loading times, that’s very important in the world of SEO which is an ever-looming source of competition. their servers have a great uptime history and since we have been with them that has never even been an issue. Their SSD litespeed servers are the real deal, it’s not just marketing.

5) Migration: Last but not least was the free migration option which saved us a whole bunch when we finally started moving our clients to Interserver. No excuses, no funny business and most importantly the turnaround is within a couple of hours and you’re pretty much done.

Now I could go on and talk about their other features Cpanel, dashboard is easy to use, free SSL, softaculous apps, dedicated servers, asp.net or their discounts on domain registration and we would be here for a day but the above 5 points are the main key reasons why we are not just a happy customer but also a fan (no free T-shirts were exchanged for that comment). seriously though as a business and a developer with 12 years experience I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and put our reputation as a company on the line, that interserver.net is truly a leading Webhosting provider.

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