Safer, Faster and more power; An old cliche for an even older market

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Every year the tech world becomes abuzz with rumors and leaks of new technologies that we hope will blow our minds and change the way we live forever. Much like the smartphone and internet tv has shaped the last decade technology companies are hoping to get behind or even better be the ones that spearhead a new trajectory in this domain. Lets be honest attempts at such ambitious goals have been less than impressive, even considered abysmal failures and yes am talking about the folding phone trend but we are not here for that.

For years now manufacturing processes, microprocessor technologies and even cameras have leapt ahead into areas where normal practical use isnt even that realistic. For a example, who uses a 16gig ram , 64 mega pixel, 5g phone to its fullest extent on daily basis? well no one except the over zealous technology blogger who is paid to push products.

Similarly, innovations in AI are far and apart, thats if we can even call what we currently have available as AI, which is more like a collection of well thought out decision gates rather than actual intelligent, merit based decision making by a computer. we are well away from achieving anything of the sort,
So where exactly does that leave us other than robotics and perhaps…. wait for it power storage (ding ding ding we have a winner).

If you follow me and have been a follower of this blog for a while we have written about batteries and them being the next frontier for innovation and right now the battery industry is buzzing with the possibilities of a technology that could change our very lives for the better. For years i have said that the next billion dollar tech sub industry will be in a battery solution that is safer, holds more power also is easier to charge and solid state (#graphene) batteries are the answer we have long been waiting for.

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Safer, Faster and more power; An old cliche for an even older market 3

As of Late last year, it was anticipated that we would see solid state devices by end of this year, sadly Covid19 had other plans but that hasnt changed much except for a few deadlines on how soon this new tech will come to market. But Imagine if you will a smartphone you charge once a week, a drone that can fly for hours perhaps even days and opening up the possibility of a new form of travel, extended travel distances by electric vehicles. This also means a possible increase in micro chip sizes because one of the common limitations on mobile devices is battery power. So far the market has seen several solid state (graphene) based power banks that can hold upto 30000 mah and this is just in the early stages of this type of technology.

What we currently know about solid-state batteries:

  • safer because of heat resistance
  • quicker to charge
  • higher capacity in the same number of cells
  • last longer due to graphene’s properties

Samsung was rumored to have been in the process of developing a smartphone (s) with this technology but that could be speculation, however, the merits of solid state batteries are very high and with almost no negatives except of course the high cost of entry, this might change quickly as more and more companies jump onto the technology.

The truth of the matter is that not enough tech industry influencers are talking about this hence this post and its obvious batteries are not glamorous, they dont get any face time and when they do its because something has gone horribly wrong (cough cough galaxy note 7). However, it is for us and other enthusiasts something that is exciting and if you ask me, will be the key to a market shift especially in the oil / transport industries. i should think that companies like #tesla and #Amazon would be heavily invested in this technology because of the nature of their business or they could have passed up on it completely and will pay a heavy price for it later, either way solid state powered devices will be flooding the market soon enough and it will be interesting to see where the current industry giants land after they sweep the market. Remember one mans success is another mans demise and the tech industry will not be the same. in the future we hope to have more access to information about graphene and its environmental impact which will play a very large role is its widespread acceptance. As for now, we wait and watch the industry. Ciao…

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