Chrome 83 Form Element Styles

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There have been some aesthetic changes to what form elements look like as of Chrome 83. Anything with gradient colorization is gone (notably the extra-shiny stuff). The consistency across the board is nice, particularly between inputs and textareas. Not a big fan of the new as well. The old version looked like this and offered no UI controls:

Chrome 83 Form Element Styles 5

Now we get this beast with controls:

Screen Shot 2020 06 02 at 1.40.01 PM
There are no visual indicators or buttons, but you can scroll those columns.

Reddit notes that it uses the same pseudo element that date pickers use, so if you want it gone, you can scope it to these types of inputs (or not) and remove it.

input[type="time"]::-webkit-calendar-picker-indicator {
  display: none;

I’d call it an improvement (I like UI controls for things), but it does continue to highlight the need to be able to style these things, particularly if the goal is to have people actually use them and not (poorly) rebuild them.

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