21 countries to attend Virtual Party honouring Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan

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Mandela Mile (https://MandelaMile.global/), will cap off international Mandela Day festivities with an online party on Sunday, 19 July 2020 from Midnight until 2:00 AM in Johannesburg, South Africa (GMT +2). Mandela Mile and it’s telco partners MTN and Vodacom will run a mobile messaging campaign in Ghana and South Africa that will reach hundreds of thousands of mobile users and encourage them to take part in the event and walk a virtual mile towards a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of their choice. Recognizing the constraints imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the “Step Up! After Party” brings emerging leaders representing 21 countries together with activists, musicians, and influencers to celebrate the life of two great African leaders featuring an all-star AfroNation (https://AfroNation.com/) artist line-up.

“Today’s generation is taking power and leading from the heart. Just as Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to dismantling systemic racism and Kofi Annan dedicated his life to peace and securing human rights, we recognize an individual responsibility to repair the world. Our “Step Up! After Party celebrates past, present and future in an immersive, festive environment,” said Mandela Mile Founder Shanthi Annan.

Confirmed Participants:

·  Adesope ShopsyDoo (https://bit.ly/2ZxiMF7), Afro Nation Host

·  Smade (https://bit.ly/32n5gWe), Afro Nation Co-Founder, Cultural Director and Ambassador

·  Ezinne (https://bit.ly/32iOF5T), dance director and musician

·  Cleopatra Mukula (https://bit.ly/32jHquz), Swahili Nation founder

·  Bisi Akins (https://bit.ly/3h5sIeD), Afro Nation presenter

·  Eddie Kadi (https://www.eddiekadi.com/), comedian

·  DJ Sogood,(https://djsogood.co.uk/) musician

·  Eddy Kenzo (https://bit.ly/3h5tAQr), singer Andy I music producer

·  Teni (https://bit.ly/30b4mtp), singer and songwriter

·  P Montana (https://bit.ly/2Wl7qly), musician

·  Yemi Alade (https://bit.ly/3j81nKC) musician

·  DJ Obi (https://bit.ly/3j5OUY4) musician

Registration for Mandela Mile is free and available on the organization’s Eventbrite page (https://bit.ly/32lO6Zk 

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