25 Best Video Wallpaper Backgrounds on Samsung S20

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One way to give your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone a unique flair is by personalizing your wallpaper. With the Galaxy’s display settings, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these unique backgrounds. But why stick to static images? You can even opt for video wallpapers instead.

The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra come with a large WQ HD+ OLED with a refresh rate of 120Hz. With vivid and bright graphics, these Android 10 devices feature smooth scroll capabilities that augment the entire wallpaper experience.

It’s only right that this graceful Super AMOLED display is adorned with the best variety of video wallpapers. There are also a huge amount of applications that can provide an extensive video wallpaper library. Here are 25 of the best video wallpaper background apps for the Samsung S20.

1. Cartogram

This unique video wallpaper app for Samsung Galaxy S20 uses a stylized location map as your wallpaper background. As you shift from one location to the next, the cartogram map moves to display the live video wallpaper for that region.

2. Forest Live Wallpaper

Material design fans will be delighted with forest live wallpapers. The wallpaper displays a minimalist forest scene with the wind running through trees. The video can also be customized to suit your taste and features a parallax effect, fading from day tonight.

3. Zedge

This app is incredibly popular, with high-resolution content that ranges from impressive to “Wow!” It’s available to download from the PlayStore.

4. Giraffe Playground

Available on the PlayStore for Samsung S20, Giraffe Playground offers a live clock video wallpaper background. It displays the actual time.


This app rotates through several backgrounds using responsive triggers, such as connecting your Galaxy S20 to a Bluetooth device. You can also customize responsive trigger parameters.

6. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

One of the best video wallpaper apps for Samsung Galaxy S20, the KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is a background image editor that’s easy and fun to use. You can personalize your backgrounds to include Google Fit data, a clock, or weather and system information.

7. Wallpapers by Google

A straightforward video background app, wallpaper by Google sets live wallpapers on your lock and home screens.

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8. Maxelus Live Wallpapers

Another Google PlayStore developer, Maxelus has a few Samsung S20 video wallpaper apps, including Supermassive Black Hole, Symphony of Colors, alien shapes, and Space Colony.

9. Walli

This app is adapted to Samsung Galaxy S20’s AMOLED’s high-resolution display, offering background video wallpapers in 4K and above. Although free with ads, artists who create Walli’s wallpapers are featured on the app, meaning they can earn money from their work.

10. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei is one of the most iconic video wallpapers app compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Though the videos are not very animated compared to live wallpaper offerings, images on your phone are replaced with classic pieces of art.

11. Wall X

An art collection of 4k and HD video background wallpapers are available from Wall X for your Samsung S20.  With widespread categorization, this app determines your phone’s model to optimize wallpapers that resonate with your S20’s display and processing capabilities.

12. AmoledPix

AMOLED background wallpapers for your Samsung S20 have an assortment from AmoledPix in various formats, including live videos. Graphics are loud for this free app, and its user interface is simplistic and clutter-free without pop-up ads.

13. Oajoo Device Info Wallpaper

Oajoo Device Info Wallpaper displays your system information on your home screen as a video wallpaper background. Everything, including storage, CPU processes, battery, and the temperature, is stylishly shown. You can even customize colors and insert tables.

14. Walpy

Clean minimal video backgrounds from Unsplash are the in-thing on the Walpy app for your Samsung Galaxy S20.  An image interchanging app, Walpy lets you set constraints for battery saving targets while time intervals create live wallpapers from your photo gallery.

15. Walloop

With 4K video resolution, Walloop is a classic style live wallpaper app that has a repository of images from categories like abstract, nature AMOLED, seasonal, and anime. One of the best video wallpaper background applications, Walloop is a good place to browse a wide variety of wallpapers.

16. Sound Wave

A free and unique video wallpaper background app, Sound Wave functions as an oscilloscope that resonates with waves generated from sounds heard by your Samsung S20.

17. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

This wallpaper app features videos of water garden scenes. This mostly customizable app has table support and is free with some in-app purchases.

18. Sphaera

Making maps come to life on your S20’s screen, Sphaera selects, colorizes, and refits over 30 locations with up to 4K video resolution. This paid app has customizable colors, including AMOLED black for a dark version of your home area map.

19. Tapet

Tapet is unique in that while it’s not a live video background wallpaper app, per se, it makes you select colors and design to generate personalizes images. Take the guesswork out of looking for the right wallpaper. Tapet will use your Samsung S20’s resolution to create quality wallpapers.

20. 4k AMOLED Wallpapers

While featuring a less-than-imaginative name, this app reaches into the 6k and 8k resolution scopes to offer AMOLED and OLED display video wallpapers.

21. Abstruct

Most of the 4k wallpaper backgrounds on Abstruct are abstract. It features the full collection of Hampus Olsson’s OnePlus background art and has a sharp and colorful resolution.

22. WallPix

The QHD and 4k video wallpaper backgrounds in this app are suited for Galaxy S20’s AMOLED display capabilities. WallPix features an entire section of wallpaper options for the Samsung Galaxy series devices.

23. Unsplash

Unsplash, a free image community, features a huge selection of high-resolution and quality video background wallpapers. Download videos are taken from drone shots or flowers blooming in nature.

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24. S20 Wallpaper – 4k

New video wallpapers are being released daily for the Samsung Galaxy s20 lineup by this app, available to download free on Google PlayStore and from Galaxy Store. More than 100 s20 wallpapers can be downloaded and shared using Samsung S20 Wallpaper 4k for 2020.

25. S20 Wallpaper – 8k

While it’s the same company as the last one, this is worth a deeper dive. This app claims to have introduced video wallpaper backgrounds back when only static images were available. Videos from your gallery augment freshly released Galaxy S20 wallpapers, so that’s there no lack of content with the app.

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