Top 10 Ways Technology Will Improve Your Life by 2025

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Technology is a key component of our day-to-day lives, and advances are happening every day at an ever-increasing rate. Though it is often difficult to predict what our future holds, there are certain technological advances we can expect in the next decade. Below are 10 important ways technology and its increasing advances will improve your life by 2025.

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Number Ten: The Prevalence of Age-Related Illness Will Decrease. By 2025, scientists will much more thoroughly understand our DNA and how it ages. Because of this, diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia will be more easily preventable and slowed down.

Number Nine: Type I Diabetes Will Be Preventable. There will eventually exist a platform designed to engineer the human genome in a way that allows scientists to change disease-carrying genes and ultimately prevent certain diseases like Type I Diabetes. Scientists will also be able to alter the genome sequences that make the disease heritable.

Number Eight: Food Shortages Will No Longer Be Problematic. Crops will be much more heavily regulated in 10 years, to the point where we can grow genetically modified crops indoors. What that ultimately means is an increase in sustenance availability as well as an increase in consistency of price.

Number Seven: Wireless Communications Will Dominate. To put it simply, everything will be connected to everything. You will be able to control your dishwasher from your phone, and even your other appliances will eventually be able to communicate with each other. Like smartphones, we will have smarthomes.

Number Six: Biodegradable Packaging Will Be Ubiquitous. Certain kinds of packaging have been getting a lot of flack – and for good reason. This will all change with plant-based packaging that is biodegradable. Though this means the end of certain industries that are now putting up resistance, eventually many more jobs will be created to produce these plant-based products.

Number Five: Cancer Drugs Will Be Less Dangerous. Though many cancer drugs have toxic side effects, in 10 years this will no longer be the case. Cancer drugs will be catered to the individual taking them, including any sensitivities the individual has to specific medicines. Drug action will be highly individualized.

Number Four: DNA Maps Will Be Used to Assess Disease Risk. DNA mapping has been in development for some time, but by 2025 it will be much more common. This will allow scientists to potentially replace blood tests as a way to detect diseases.

Number Three: Solar Energy Will Be More Widely Used Than All Other Forms of Energy. Though solar energy is expensive now, in 10 years, we will have new technologies to harvest and utilize it on the cheap. Solar panels will be used to keep our buildings and water warm.

Number Two: Traveling Will Be Easier. In 10 years, most people will be traveling in electric vehicles. Though we have the Tesla now, it is, for most people, unaffordable. By 2025, electric travel will be everywhere.

Number One: We Will Test Teleportation. It might sound wild, but it’s true! Research surrounding the Higgs Boson particle (pictured above) will help us test theories surrounding teleportation. The implications of this are enormous.

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