The HUAWEI P Smart S is tailor-made to resonate with the younger generation


HUAWEI P Smart S: Are you ready to level up?

In a year of unprecedented events, 2020 has required everyone to be innovative. As a result, gamers have been searching for the next “IT” thing to seamlessly transition from console to mobile and back without having to compromise on performance. Huawei accepted this challenge by introducing their new entry-level smartphone, the HUAWEI P Smart S, the perfect sidekick for the ultimate gamer.

The HUAWEI P Smart S is tailor-made to resonate with the younger generation, crafted with a sleek full-screen design, perfect to view from every angle. Without compromising on aesthetics, display, state-of-the-art camera and powerful smooth performance, the HUAWEI P Smart S is indeed a cut above the rest, cementing itself as the flagship entry-level smartphone for gamers.

Seeing the bigger picture

For the first time ever at this price point, HUAWEI introduces their FHD+, OLED Dewdrop Display. At 6.3-inches, the HUAWEI P Smart S boasts an incredible 90.17% screen to body ratio. Along with this huge display, it has a resolution of 2 400 x 1 080, a 20:9 aspect ratio and PPI of as much as 418, easily displaying 16 million vibrant colours and crystal-clear crisp detailing. The HUAWEI P Smart S allows you to immerse yourself in its unmatched visuals, whether it be for gaming, video streaming or simply swiping through pictures.

The HUAWEI P Smart S is tailor-made to resonate with the younger generation 3

Gaming redefined

The evolution of smartphones in the gaming sphere has come a long a way, along with the casual games that are ever so popular to the general user, the full console experience can be found for the big-time gamer. For the full experience, smartphones incorporate software perks such as haptic feedback, touch sensitive triggers and in-games setting adjustments. Of course, such an experience requires some serious processing power and the HUAWEI P smart S delivers flawlessly.

With a Kirin 710F chipest powering the device, running an Octa-core CPU and next generation Mali-G51 MP4 GPU Turbo 3.0, the EMUI 10.1 operating system allows for the phone’s touch responsiveness to be enhanced and the screen visuals to remain flawless at a high frame rate. These improvements allow you to stay a step ahead when going head-to-head against other gamers, giving that seamless and smooth gameplay feel every hardcore gamer looks for.

Playing games like PUBG, Call of Duty and Asphalt 9 is a breeze during heavy game play on the HUAWEI P Smart S thanks to its graphic acceleration technology with no worry of throttling of gameplay, distorting of graphic quality or overheating of the phone.

Along with this powerhouse processing, the HUAWEI P Smart S has RAM of 4GB and internal storage of 128GB ROM, which is expandable to 256GB via a Nano Memory slot, meaning one need not choose between storage, their favourite pictures and videos, and downloading the hottest game on the market. The coup de grâce to the HUAWEI P Smart S is its 4 000 mAh battery that ensures that gaming experience is long lived without the need to be constantly searching for the nearest power outlet.

The complete package

Even with all its high-tech gaming capabilities, this pocket-rocket offers features perfect for daily use. Some of the key features include a hybrid dual SIM tray, under display optical fingerprint sensor and must-have triple lens rear camera containing a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide camera and 2MP depth camera, with a single lens selfie camera of 16MP. And lastly the modern sleek, lightweight, and iridescent colour (breathing crystal and midnight black) design of the HUAWEI P Smart S makes it a showstopper when used in public.

The HUAWEI P Smart S’s real-life capabilities go beyond what one could ever imagine. Think of it as your favourite superhero Clark Kent, unassuming and ordinary but when the moment arises, a couple of taps turn it into Superman, a force to be reckoned with. Welcome to the future of mobile gaming today.

The HUAWEI P Smart S is available now for just R5,999 from MTN and Telkom mobile operators, Huawei stores and Huawei online You also get 15 GB free cloud storage for 12 months.

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