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Our Story

We focus on building cohesive, intuitive and dynamic business solutions.

Since 2014 we at Tech-Chat have had the goal of providing innovative products and services to the market place. However with time and business experience, we have come to understand that innovation without sustainability is a pipe dream. This realisation has led us over the course of 10 years to partner with the leading research and development companies in information technology. One of our roles is to test, provide real world feedback and ultimately distribute products and services that are not only disruptive but also cost effective and sustainable.

Our Approach​

We know that the user is in the center of every business. ​

In a world of highly complex business solutions, customising the needs of your business remains the back bone of efficiency. We at Tech-Chat believe that there is no replacement for tailor made services and outsourcing continues to prove to be a powerful method that alot of businesses can utilize to save cost, increase productivity and their bottom line.

With all our projects, be it a simple brand redesign to implementing a communication network spanning different countries, our goal is to deliver world class products and service experience using the most innovative tools and methods without compromising quality. This approach requires the use of all our industry experience and dedication to making sure we remain on target.

Smart Business is Seamless.

Post covid operations have become a mixed bag of solutions and flexibility has never been this important before in the world of business. With our solutions you can seamlessly work from anywhere at anytime with no loss in productivity.

We are the Best Agency for your Business Strategy.

With over 15 years combined experience in business and IT sectors, speaking with one of our consultants will set you off on the right track.


  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Refresh
  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites
  • Platforms
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Research
  • UI Animations


  • Digital Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Concepts
  • Campaign Visuals
  • Social Media
  • Systems Installations
  • Voip
  • Backup

Selected Works

Tech-Chat Solutions is committed to providing the highest levels of performance, reliability and survivability for our customers services and that is why they continue to remain loyal.

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Every journey starts with a single step in the right direction. Let us walk with you as you begin this new phase of your business.