Author: Ayla Angelos

Using thermal technology, Giles Price photographs the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Drawn in by the physical aftermath of the natural disaster, Giles was interested in documenting how the landscape had been altered – both in terms of deconstruction and the radiation. “For some time, I have been working with drones; the capabilities of them fascinate me. This includes thermology, which is used in industrial surveying (for […]

the very British scenes of Lydia Blakeley

“Painting is a slow medium, and for me, it’s all trial and error; it’s not always easy but I enjoy the struggle,” says British artist Lydia Blakeley. Drawn in by its reflective process and means of distilling a moment in time, Lydia paints with utmost contemplation. Having achieved an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths […]

Emotive and pleasing, the work of illustrator Ema Gaspar comes littered with hidden messages

By transferring her thoughts to paper through irregular objects and analogue compositions, she explains how each of her pieces have their own distinctive narrative – but this isn’t something she always plans. “When I start, I don’t have any idea of what the final image will look like, from that first object I add in […]

Tom Noon on his musical, spontaneous and illustrative approach to graphic design

Never one for future planning, Tom Noon resultantly had a rather star-shaped path to where he is today. The Bristol-based designer and illustrator was, of course, an arty child, which meant that he went on to study graphics and illustration at college – but surprisingly, what followed was a degree in politics and international relations […]

“An endless love story”: Claudine Doury returns to the Amur River to photograph its people

For Claudine Doury, a French photographer living in Paris, her creativity was sparked at the ripe age of nine, as soon as she’d met a professional working in the medium. “She was taking illustration pictures for the press and was coming to my village looking for children as models,” she tells It’s Nice That, reminiscing […]

Through 3D scans and animation, Agusta Yr creates a dreamlike world for Moschino and Yang Li

Unconventional is by no means a negative label. By breaking down the traditional means of filmmaking, Agusta’s work is filled with the spectacular. Her most recent project is a video for London designer Yang Li’s Paris Fashion Week show, in collaboration with ShowStudio. Describing the project as “insane”, Agusta was given the opportunity to work […]