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adidas GMR translates real-life football skills into gaming

Gone are the days of gaming in front of a TV, as adidas GMR is here to blend real-life and in-game football. Pronounced ‘Gamer’, the new wearable technology allows real-life personal football data to be integrated into EA Sports FIFA Mobile, a game played by 300 million people worldwide. The GMR technology works through a […]
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Formes des Luttes is a graphic design platform created in protest

Chances are you will have seen work from Formes des Luttes without realising it. When viewing footage of the strikes and protests occurring weekly across France in the last year, the posters collated on this platform often feature heavily. It is a website that currently holds 140 posters of protest from 100 different contributors, all […]
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Howzat! Lord’s Cricket Ground undergoes a modern rebrand

The most famous cricket club and ground in the world have undergone an innovative rebrand. The 200-year-old Lord’s Cricket Ground and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) are steeped in centuries of tradition, meaning a modernisation of the brand was no easy task for the London-based brand agency, The Clearing. “It was vital to everyone that the […]
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Jonathan Hoefler will critique your letterforms for free

Feel like your typeface might be missing something? There’s good news! Type designer Jonathan Hoefler, who recently featured in Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design, is offering his services for free. His online letterform clinics, that take place on Twitter, came about purely by accident. “It started informally last weekend,” Jonathan explains to It’s Nice […]
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Ami Evelyn Hughes’ Bookshelf features porn and Paul McCarthy

It is safe to say that Ami Evelyn Hughes’ choice of books reflect her interests, providing a glimpse into where inspiration is derived for Gut. The magazine explores “art, culture, history, eroticism and magic, with a European (and particularly German) focus” – all of which are touched on within her Bookshelf. You can find extremely […]
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Nicolas Boyer documents an often overlooked side to Iran

In spite of this, Nicolas is aware of the dangers of this approach, and makes an attempt to avoid falling into the trope of cliched images that we see so often these days. “I know that I don’t want to fall into what pseudo street photographers do after watching too much Alex Webb, whose work […]
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Rhys Frampton’s commissions for Wrangler captures two unique communities in America

“I think it’s the interactions with my subjects that make photography the medium I truly connect with,” says fashion photographer Rhys Frampton. Whether it’s capturing someone on a wall of death, or meeting the Compton Cowboys, the photographer displays this quality through his many meetings with interesting and unique characters. Originally from Northampton, Rhys’ interest […]
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CSTM Fonts is making up for lost time with Cyrillic typefaces

With so little having been done in the field before them, we ask where there are gaps to be filled. “They are literally everywhere,” replies Ilya. “In fact, whatever you do in Cyrillic will most likely be a new thing. While the Latin market is very rich and competitive, the Cyrillic market is new and […]
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