Author: Charlie Filmer-Court

A camera made out of a block of cheese? That’s not even the weirdest of Brendan Barry’s creations

His latest project was on a slightly larger scale than something you’d find in a supermarket or a toy shop. In fact, it was about the same size as a supermarket or a toy shop, and involved turning the 44th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper into a camera for a charity commission. “That was an […]

Ben Mendelewicz’s latest book brings together suffocating stories with a “no way out kinda plot”

Ben Mendelewicz is a rather busy man these days. But despite working across pretty much every medium imaginable, the American illustrator always finds himself drawn back to the allure of print. “I do a lot of graphic work for TV, album covers, spot illustrations, music videos etc,” he tells It’s Nice That. “I’ve done sculptures, […]

Part fashion film and part documentary, Nobu is a stylised portrait of a Japanese immigrant

Lisa Konno’s fashion collection Nobu was based on the experience of her father Nobu, who moved from Japan to the Netherlands as a young man. A beautiful collection was designed for a film of the same name made in conjunction with childhood friend Sarah Blok. Lisa’s motivation to branch out from fashion stemmed from a […]

adidas GMR translates real-life football skills into gaming

Gone are the days of gaming in front of a TV, as adidas GMR is here to blend real-life and in-game football. Pronounced ‘Gamer’, the new wearable technology allows real-life personal football data to be integrated into EA Sports FIFA Mobile, a game played by 300 million people worldwide. The GMR technology works through a […]

Alice Saey’s animated music video is designed to be watched more than once

A sea of pulsating volcanoes mark the beginning of Alice Saey’s animated music video for Careful by Jo Goes Hunting. It is a sign of things to come, and a wonderful array of scenes follow this, all linked in a near allegorical tale surrounding the misuse of natural resources. “On the borderless map of a […]

Chris Clunn sheds light on the fascinating Semana Santa Marinera festival in Valencia

The religious attire that is worn during the festival has obviously developed sinister connotations due to similar clothing being adopted by the Ku Klux Klan. Arguably, this makes it an important subject to document, shedding light on a tradition that has no associations with the Ku Klux Klan’s ideologies. Providing a window into this unique […]

Behind Malwine Stauss’ playful work is an important and empowering message

Malwine studied at the Art Academy of Leipzig, and has gone on to teach the pre-course there now, which is something she is really embracing: “Teaching is so much fun for me and also a big challenge, so I’m learning a lot. I hope to be able to do a lot more teaching in the […]

Johanna Dumet embraces an open approach to colour and material within her work

French painter Johanna Dumet fell in love with painting aged four, following a project at school. “Your daughter, she would paint night and day if she could,” her teacher told her mother. Now exhibiting regularly across Europe and building a large portfolio, she is doing just that: “I’m 28 years old, and can officially call […]

Formes des Luttes is a graphic design platform created in protest

Chances are you will have seen work from Formes des Luttes without realising it. When viewing footage of the strikes and protests occurring weekly across France in the last year, the posters collated on this platform often feature heavily. It is a website that currently holds 140 posters of protest from 100 different contributors, all […]

Guillaume Blot documents food and football across the country in L’Autre Tour de France

We’re all partial to the delights of a burger van, whether at festivals or football games, that wonderful smell of fried onions is often there for you in your time of need. French photojournalist Guillaume Blot’s photography project Buvettes (meaning refreshments in French), takes an appreciation of these establishments to another level. L’Autre Tour de […]