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“Design a planet saving piece of junk mail”

It’s easy to forget about our responsibility to the planet in these dire times, which is why, on Monday, climate club Adapt set you all an environmental-focussed challenge: “design a planet saving piece of junk mail”.  The wonderfully bad puns and Microsoft Word-esque designs have rolled in over the week and it was a treat […]
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Patternity to run a Mindful Marbling workshop at Beat Hotel Marrakech

The workshop promises to be a welcome balm to our hectic and hyper-connected lives, what Grace describes as the “age of disconnect” we’re living through. “In our increasingly digitised lives, there is something so powerful about switching off our devices and making something with our hands,” says Anna. “Our workshops have been designed to help […]
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Tickets for the first Nicer Tuesdays of 2020 are now available!

This may seem a little ahead of ourselves, but tickets for January’s Nicer Tuesdays are now available! Yes, you’re correct, December’s Nicer Tuesdays hasn’t even happened yet. But what with Christmas on its way, and the fact that January’s event will be taking place earlier than normal on the 21st of the month, we wanted […]
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It’s Nice That’s Review of the Year 2019

The year is drawing to a close and with that, It’s Nice That signs off not only another year of championing creativity, but an entire decade too. As a result, this 2019 edition of Review of the Year brings together not just the stories that had our audience in a spin during the past 12 […]
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It’s Nice That’s top 100 articles of the decade

As the year draws to a close, we’re not only saying goodbye to 2019, but an entire decade too. It’s Nice That has been occupying our corner of the internet for 12 years now, covering creatives and their projects in every possible form, so we’ve taken this opportunity to look back at a decade of […]
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Review of the Year 2019: Top 25 Photography

Photography is always a medium that has the It’s Nice That audience (and team) gawping at their screens and this year saw us publish some of the most expansive photographically led stories to date. From one particular Massachusetts-based photographer’s incredible Photoshop process, to wedding photography that’s not “wedding photography”, to extensive series taken over several […]
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Review of the Year 2019: Top 25 Features

This year has seen our teams dive deep into long-form writing and work with a range of commissioned writers, illustrators, photographers and designers to explore creative stories of every kind. As well as in-depth profiles of some of the industry’s greats through the introduction of our fortnightly series In Conversation, this year we’ve also looked […]
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Review of the Year 2019: Top 25 Graphic Design

Always a subject which has our audience on the tips of their toes, graphic design has had a boundary-pushing 2019. Aside from the rebrands, the in-house typefaces and campaigns that have ignited heated discussions in studios around the globe, there’s been a wealth of brilliant work from independent practitioners. With open-source tools shifting the opportunities […]
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Review of the Year 2019: Top 25 Digital

This year on It’s Nice That, our editorial and creative teams have been stunned, sometimes a little confused, but always impressed with work generated by creatives utilising digital tools. Over a year exploring this wide-ranging discipline, there has been many a moment spent investigating images which we thought must be photographs, only to realise they […]
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Review of the Year 2019: Top 25 Illustration and Animation

Illustration and animation will always be the butter to It’s Nice That’s bread, and 2019 has been yet another eye-opening year of discovering new and exciting talents. Occupying the space where expression rules over direct communication or lifelike representation, this year we’ve seen all manner of tools being used within both mediums. Whether it be […]
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