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Remember those awkward years between teenage-hood and your early 20s? Well, now you can relive them with Jenny Jokela

Jenny further explains, “Both Celia and I experienced feelings of not quite fitting in and feeling socially claustrophobic in our hometown of Helsinki.” Looking back on their early steps into adulthood with retrospect, the two friends fondly remember the old anxieties that seem funny now, as well as the silly behaviours from a distant time. […]
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For Milan-based studio Dallas, typography is the foundation of graphic design

It’s a passion that both designers are passing down to students in their respective schools in Milan. Francesco adds on this: “Being in constant contact with students allows us to continuously re-evaluate the basics of our profession and the conceptual vitality of our decisions.” Fundamentally, however, for Dallas, typography is the foundation of every project, […]
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Deeper Green documents front-line conservation efforts in Belize

Colin’s first experience of photography was through a course in high school, he recalls, which he took as a way to avoid something “more serious” like French or Statistics, he says. “I wasn’t immediately drawn to it for any reason,” he continues, “but I found the more I learned about it, the more I could […]
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Varv Varv on its multi-layered design for Forensic Architecture’s latest exhibition

Simultaneously, Varv Varv highlighted the importance of the group’s humanitarian work, while respecting the exceedingly delicate topics explored. Anders continues: “We noticed that the primary subject matter can be very dense and often has multiple layer of access – historical, political, humanitarian, theoretical and so on. We realised that this was a core element of […]
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The Designers Foundry re-releases Morion, a typeface which works as a display and text-face at the same time

Since 2012, when The Designers Foundry was established by Daniel McQueen, the New Zealand-based type foundry has been at the forefront of accessible, but beautifully designed typefaces. Its clients include the likes of Apple, Netflix, Random House and Pentagram (just to name a few), while its extensive portfolio of type offers something for everyone; from […]
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Exploring the gender gap through Italian history of art and book design

Divided into three parts, the publication documents the main report carried out by Censis, followed by a section titled Bellezze d’Italia, meaning beauties of Italy. This second part importantly contains “reworkings of pictorial images to represent the evolution of man-woman relationships and the perception of femininity over the centuries,” explains Luca. And finally, the third […]
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Fhuiae Kim explores “the third language” in her calming graphic design works

“My desire is to reinvent the way novels, illustration and graphic novels use storytelling,” she adds. Available at Printed Matter, across the board, Fhuiae’s work explores and challenges a rigid, geometric style, but always tells a story through the movement of shape. She cites Yōko Tawada’s books and Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s films as prominent influences for […]
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