Author: Jyni Ong

After 11 years of practice, Jad Hussein tells us why he is now more comfortable as a designer than ever before

With this in mind, playfulness is key to Jad’s design practice. As long as his work looks good when printed, “well let’s go!” he exclaims. Now, with years of attuned experience under his belt, he is no longer shackled by the rules of the grid nor the conventional design functions that he prescribed to previously. […]

Remember those awkward years between teenage-hood and your early 20s? Well, now you can relive them with Jenny Jokela

Jenny further explains, “Both Celia and I experienced feelings of not quite fitting in and feeling socially claustrophobic in our hometown of Helsinki.” Looking back on their early steps into adulthood with retrospect, the two friends fondly remember the old anxieties that seem funny now, as well as the silly behaviours from a distant time. […]

The newly launched Made of Millions provides a digital hub for the mental health community

Arguably, our mental health is more important than ever right now. Every year, millions of people around the world are diagnosed with a mental health condition. Spanning people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and genders, mental health affects us all at a multitude of scales. And it’s for this reason that Made of Millions exists. […]

Follow the ups and downs of a creative career in Bat’s new animation for Wacom

The story of a creative’s ups and downs is wholly universal. It’s something that all kinds of creative people, from typographers to ceramicists have experienced in some form, it is also a vast journey explored in Wacom’s new film, aptly titled The Creative Journey. Directed by Bat, a London-based studio founded by Bali Engel and […]

George Ruoy, Bianca Saunders and Obvious feature on this year’s Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Now in its fifth edition, Forbes highlights a list of 300 visionaries making waves across ten industries and 32 European countries. This year, its art and culture section hopes to provide a much-needed dose of optimism to the world at a time of uncertainty. After thousands of international nominations, months of reporting, followed by the […]

For Milan-based studio Dallas, typography is the foundation of graphic design

It’s a passion that both designers are passing down to students in their respective schools in Milan. Francesco adds on this: “Being in constant contact with students allows us to continuously re-evaluate the basics of our profession and the conceptual vitality of our decisions.” Fundamentally, however, for Dallas, typography is the foundation of every project, […]

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show gets the Sam Youkilis treatment in his very first video commission

For some time now, Sam Youkilis has cemented his place in many a heart worldwide for his breathtaking photography. Instagram is often his medium of choice where he documents his enviable travels from the skies of central Turkey to the white sands of New Mexico, and pretty much everywhere else in between. It’s hard to […]

Michael Bodenmann’s latest book creates a non-linear pictorial tapestry of his time in China

It also features texts by the art historian and curator Gabrielle Schaad, as well as an account of Clifford E Bruckmann. First, Gabrielle discusses the conditions and context of the images and their creation. Whereas Clifford negotiates a subjective account through writing similar to the photographer’s intention. In this way, the text offers up different […]

Deeper Green documents front-line conservation efforts in Belize

Colin’s first experience of photography was through a course in high school, he recalls, which he took as a way to avoid something “more serious” like French or Statistics, he says. “I wasn’t immediately drawn to it for any reason,” he continues, “but I found the more I learned about it, the more I could […]

Studio Darius Ou considers “what makes a book?” in its identity for Hong Kong Art Book Fair

The venue also has a five-metre LED feature wall to play with, amongst a number of other digital touchpoints. It offered the small studio the chance to visually push the identity to be as impactful as possible across these array of surfaces. Coupled with a 15-metre wayfinding banner that drapes down through a four-storey stairwell, […]