Author: Rachit Agarwal

What Is Arduino Portenta H7 and How It’s Better? [Explained]

Arduino is a well-known brand in the IoT industry. For the uninitiated, it is an open-source hardware and software company which designs and manufactures programmable electronic boards. It has a worldwide community of around 30 million users and its products are used everywhere, from everyday objects to satellites and complex scientific instruments. At its CES […]

FaceTime App Requires Specific Features Error – Explained

A few days ago, one of our readers reached out to us with a peculiar problem. The FaceTime app was not working on his iPhone. He thought of deleting the app and re-installing it. But, after deleting the app, he was unable to find it on the App Store. After searching for FaceTime on Google […]

10 Best Guitar Courses Online for Learning Guitar in 2019

Many people take up guitar lessons and leave it within the first few weeks. The main reason behind them quitting guitar is that they are not following a structured class. Following unstructured guitar classes may lead to frustration when the student doesn’t see any tangible progress. That’s why taking a professional guitar course is always […]