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Amazon Echo Look discontinued: Turns out having a camera watch you dress was too creepy after all

Way back in 2017 Amazon introduced a new experimental product, the Amazon Echo Look. Designed to bolster Amazon’s clothing business, the camera was intended to give you fashion advice by recording what you were wearing each day, rating its attractiveness using AI and also real human fashion experts, and suggesting purchases which could enhance your […]

Microsoft adds dual-screen emulation to Chromium

Microsoft adds dual-screen emulation to Chromium

Microsoft is still launching their Surface Duo dual-screen Android handset later this year, and ideally, they want developers to support the form factor. This includes web developers, and to help them optimise their websites for dual-screens Microsoft is adding dual-screen support to the built-in F12 emulator in Chromium. Gallery Microsoft, of course, is not the […]

Facebooks better, faster Oculus Quest 2 reportedly delayed into 2021 due to COVID019

Facebook’s better, faster Oculus Quest 2 reportedly delayed into 2021 due to COVID019

Bloomberg reports that the successor to Facebook’s stand-alone VR headset, the Oculus Quest, may have been delayed into 2021. According to their sources, the COVID-19 crisis has slowed work, due to staff not being able to come to laboratories. They were working on various new designs for the Oculus Quest 2, with a variety of […]

Microsoft may invest in electronic wallet company Paytm

It has been said that every technology company expands until it eventually becomes a payment platform, as we have observed with Apple and Google, and now a new rumour suggests Microsoft may be getting into the game too. The Electronic Times of India reports Digital payments firm Paytm has had talks with Microsoft for a […]

Microsoft engineer talks about the evolution of thermal design in the Surface line

A leaked presentation has given us an insight into several design features in the Surface line of laptops and PCs. Uncovered by WalkingCat, we earlier heard how the Surface Neo was designed to activate more of your brain, and why no Surface device has Thunderbolt 3 ports or socketed RAM. Now WalkingCat has posted another […]

New Cortana for Windows 10 update with wider language support

Microsoft has updated the new Cortana app for Windows 10 Insiders, taking the app to version 2.2003.27748.0. The main improvement is greater support for languages other than English, with support for 12 languages: Italian, German, UK English, Japanese, Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Mexico. The app otherwise remains quite limited and neutered, with support […]

Microsoft Edge Stable updated to version 81.0.416.53

Microsoft Edge Stable updated to version 81.0.416.53

Microsoft has pushed a new stable build of their new Edge browser, taking it to version 81.0.416.53. As is usual with the stable build, the company has not released a changelog, but the dev version at this stage had improvements in PDF and immersive reader, support for signing in automatically edge://settings/passwords,  Dolby Vision support, the […]

Microsoft looking to give Windows 10 “dail-tone” reliability

Several ambitions for the future development of Windows 10 was revealed in a job post for Software Engineering Manager for Windows 10 at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters. The job post for the Application Connectivity team responsible for sharing and connectivity features such as clipboard and sharing; localization and indexer; and notifications, listed the following team goals: […]

Tip: Broadcast video streams to up to 10,000 people securely for free with Microsoft Live Events

Tip: Broadcast video streams to up to 10,000 people securely for free with Microsoft Live Events

Last year Microsoft announced Microsoft Live Events, a streaming video product for enterprise users for companies which use Microsoft 365 and who wish to broadcast to up to 10,000 users for professional-quality townhalls or simple live or on-demand events in real-time from anywhere, on any device. Microsoft Live Events is currently available for free in […]

Read Satya Nadella’s email to Microsoft employees on combating COVID-19

Today Satya Nadella sent an email to all Microsoft employees, congratulating them for their efforts to support their company and the world in combatting the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and helping first responders around the world be more efficient and productive in their own efforts. What is striking is how many different ways Microsoft […]