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Quick Tips for High Contrast Mode

May 26, 2020 Windows High Contrast Mode behavior can be a bit of a surprise if you haven’t already spent time studying its ways. Unlike other operating system display modes that invert colors or set a dark mode flag, Windows High Contrast Mode (WHCM) completely overrides authored colors with user-set colors. A mode like invert […]
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The Deal with the Section Element

Two articles published the exact same day: Bruce Lawson on Smashing Magazine: Why You Should Choose HTML5 Over Adam Laki on Pine: The Difference Between and Element They are comparing slightly different things, but they both involve the element. I find it pretty clear when you reach for a : When you want that element […]
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“All these things are quite easy to do, they just need somebody to sit down and just go through the website”

I saw a video posted on Twitter from Channel 5 News in the UK (I have no idea what the credibility of them is, it’s an ocean away from me) with anchor Claudia Liza asking Glen Turner and Kristina Barrick questions about website accessibility. Apparently, they often post videos with captions, but this particular video […]
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A Whole Bunch of Places to Consider Contrast in a Single Paragraph

When we’re thinking about choosing colors in design, we’re always thinking about accessibility. Whenever colors touch, there is contrast and, if we’re talking about the color contrast of text, it needs to be high enough to be readable. This benefits people with a variety of visual disabilities, but also everyone appreciates easily readable text. Let’s […]
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