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Amazon Echo Look discontinued: Turns out having a camera watch you dress was too creepy after all

Way back in 2017 Amazon introduced a new experimental product, the Amazon Echo Look. Designed to bolster Amazon’s clothing business, the camera was intended to give you fashion advice by recording what you were wearing each day, rating its attractiveness using AI and also real human fashion experts, and suggesting purchases which could enhance your […]

Review: Crucible is Amazon’s poor attempt to get into gaming

Reviewed on PC Everyone’s favourite mega-corporation is back once again to continue its venture into making games, this time setting out with the task of reinventing the hero shooter genre. Enter Crucible: Amazon‘s PVPVE shake-up to the constantly regurgitated hero shooter formula. The expected Hero Shooting experience is split between three modes in Crucible’s inaugural […]

Deal Alert: Massive discount on HP Spectre x360 13t 2019 i7

If you’re looking for a high-end Windows 10 PC that not only comes with a great look but also offers great performance, then HP Spectre x360 13t 2019 is definitely worth looking at. Not only it’s a powerful computer but it also is better value for money than most of its competitors, thanks to a […]

Amazon is temporarily extending return period due to the ongoing health crisis

Amazon has announced that the company is temporarily extending the return period to help users who might not be able to return items due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The company announced the new change on Twitter and has confirmed that the new change will apply to the US and Canada. If you’re living in […]

Deal Alert: 15″ Surface Book 2 is $449 cheaper today

You can now get a Microsoft Surface Book 2 device with Intel Core i7, 15-inch display, 16GB RAM and 500GB storage for just $2,449 —that’s $449 cheaper than the usual price($2,899). Find the deal here on Amazon. The same model with a 13.5? display also selling at a massive $409 discount, taking the price down […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip available on Amazon for pre-booking

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip available on Amazon for pre-booking

South Korean smartphone brand Samsung’s latest folding device is now available for pre-booking, Amazon recently added the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for pre-booking on its website. The phone is available in two color variants. These are black and purple. The smartphone is priced at Rs 1,09,999 for both color variants. Amazon has mentioned that the […]

Amazon Power Bank Fest: Check out the best deals

Amazon Power Bank Fest: Check out the best deals

Phone batteries are getting better with each year. Be it capacities or charging speeds, or a combination of both, users are beginning to demand more and more juice from their batteries. However, as good as batteries are today, most of them are still not good enough for you to charge your phone once and make […]

Ring Video Doorbell 3 on the way with new features

Ring Video Doorbell 3 on the way with new features

Amazon subsidiary Ring is working on a new video doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell 3. The device has been leaked by a prematurely published web page which offers details of the improvements. The doorbell is physically identical to the Ring Video Doorbell 2, but offers 3 significant new features. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 has […]

Deal Alert: Amazon is offering attractive discounts on the 10.2-inch iPad

If you’re on the lookout for a solid tablet computer, you should definitely check out the iPad lineup. And while the newest iPad Pro is best you can get, older iPad tablets like the 10.2-inch iPad are also very capable and with the latest iPadOS, they are now way more useful than ever before. If […]

Deal Alert: Microsoft Surface Book with Intel Core i5 and 256GB SSD now available for just $549

The original Surface Book device powered by Intel 6th gen (Skylake) dual-core processors is now available starting at just $549. Yes, this is an old model of Surface Book which was launched back in 2016. The main highlight of Surface Book is the ability to detach the screen from the dock and use it as […]