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How To Access Screen Sharing For Discord on Android

Discord is a category-specific chat, video, and voice platform, seeing as it’s popular with developers, industry influencers, and, most of all, gamers.  Previously, you could only screen share Discord in the desktop version, but the smartphone apps have recently caught on. This feature allows Android OS users to share their device screens with gaming counterparts or friends. […]
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Best Disaster Preparedness Apps For Android

Not to be overly dramatic, but a disaster can happen at any time. Disasters are devastating, life-changing, and traumatic, and no human can predict when one will occur. Even with all our modern technology, all we can do is take the necessary precautions to be safe. Android developers have wisely taken advantage of their technological […]
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Android Messages vs Verizon Message+ vs Samsung Messages Which Android Messaging App is the Best?

From the very beginning of the mobile phone revolution, text messaging or SMS has remained an integral and outstanding feature. Over a period of time, the features of text messaging improved and started to offer a lot more. Initially, it was just text messages limited to some characters, then came MMS, and then audio and […]
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9 Applications to Make Students’ Lives Easier

If every day you feel like a character from Groundhog Day, and you don’t have time to catch on the flow of the lecture, we know how to make your life easier. Stop fidgeting around looking for college essays for sale, because you always don’t have time to write them. Look for a list of […]
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This Wallpaper Manager Lets You Adjust Blur and Extract Colors

On Android, while there are a lot of wallpaper apps that offer you a collection of wallpapers, not many wallpaper managers exist and you’re probably stuck with the default wallpaper manager your phone offers. Well, not anymore. Enter My Wall, a wallpaper manager that lets you tweak your wallpaper to your preference. My Wall wallpaper […]
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