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How To Build A Personal Brand On LinkedIn In 2020

How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2020 Gaining followers and connections on LinkedIn works differently from other social media platforms.  For instance, 90,000 followers and 30,000 connections won’t even get you “influencer” status on Instagram, but it’s pretty impressive on LinkedIn.  Why would you want to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn?  […]
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How To Rebrand Your Business

How to Rebrand your Business – a Simple Guide Rebranding is one of those slippery slopes of marketing strategy that many companies are afraid to step on.  It is no wonder – implementing and embracing change is hard for people because it adds a ton more responsibility, especially in such things as a business.  However, […]
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History Of The Domino’s Logo Design

History of the Domino’s Logo Design – What does it Mean? Domino’s is an established brand whose logo is recognised globally. Who would’ve thought that such a simple design would make a permanent mark?  While its service and taste characterise success, the Domino’s logo is the main symbol of this brand that helps us to […]
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How To Brand A Small Business

How to Brand a Small Business – Startup Branding Tips Large and small businesses live in different worlds when it comes to many aspects, ranging from budget and staff sizes to general day-to-day tasks. However, one area that both small and large businesses find similarly integral is branding. Many small-business owners recognise branding as a crucial element of […]
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