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8 Tips For User Interface Design

8 Tips for User Interface Design – What Customers Need in 2020 When designing a website or creating a digital product, there are several situations when the designer needs to make decisions regarding a visual design.  Visual designs are the elements that enhance interaction between the visitor and the digital product.  Interface design, on the […]
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Top 10 United Nations Logos

Top 10 United Nations Logos – UN Logo Design Inspiration When it comes to designing a logo, website, or any other material, the main objective of every commercial organization is to grab the attention of the target audience and make profits.  But non-commercial organizations have no such objectives. These organizations work for public welfare.  Since […]
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Futuristic Patterns In Graphic Design

Futuristic patterns in Graphic Design Graphic design has always been a colourful universe and a perfect environment for creative individuals willing to experiment with alternative thoughts and ideas.  The niche is packed with all sorts of styles and influences, but only a handful of genres are as impactful as futurism. After all, is there anything […]
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History Of The Domino’s Logo Design

History of the Domino’s Logo Design – What does it Mean? Domino’s is an established brand whose logo is recognised globally. Who would’ve thought that such a simple design would make a permanent mark?  While its service and taste characterise success, the Domino’s logo is the main symbol of this brand that helps us to […]
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History Of The FedEx Logo Design

History Of the FedEx Logo Design – Meaning & Evolution Established under the chairmanship of Frederick W. Smith, back in 1971, FedEx has now become the industry leader globally for its unmatched transformation and delivery services.  With a network stretching over to 220 countries, the company handles more than 90% of the world’s gross domestic products, delivering them […]
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Top 10 Superhero Logos & Symbols

Top 10 Superhero Logos & Symbols In today’s world, we tend to be bombarded by logos on a daily basis; this can typically be found on our clothes, phones, cars, streets, and just about everywhere we look. For starters, a logo is a trademark or symbol a company uses to differentiate itself from others. In […]
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