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Ditching Chrome? Heres how to move your bookmarks and passwords to another browser

Ditching Chrome? Here’s how to move your bookmarks and passwords to another browser

If you’ve been considering making a jump away from Google Chrome, you’re not alone. Plenty of people are toying with the idea, whether because of concerns over privacy or perhaps issues with performance. Others just want a change of pace. Thankfully, whatever your reasoning for switching web browsers, the process is a lot simpler than […]

Microsoft Edge Stable updated to version 81.0.416.53

Microsoft Edge Stable updated to version 81.0.416.53

Microsoft has pushed a new stable build of their new Edge browser, taking it to version 81.0.416.53. As is usual with the stable build, the company has not released a changelog, but the dev version at this stage had improvements in PDF and immersive reader, support for signing in automatically edge://settings/passwords,  Dolby Vision support, the […]

How to enable privacy settings like tracker blocking in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and more

How to enable privacy settings like tracker blocking in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and more

Some of you may not think about your web browser all that much. These days, however, it could be worth considering why you use what you use — and how you could benefit if you switch. One of the central features that you should consider is privacy. Most browsers offer at least some level of […]

Microsoft Edge Beta (stable) updated with Collections, more (full changelog)

Two days ago Microsoft updated the beta version of their Edge browser (which is the stable version which is only updated every 6 weeks) to version 81.0.416.12.  Yesterday Microsoft released a changelog for the update, which finally brings back the Collections feature and activates a number of enterprise features. See the full changelog below. Feature […]

Microsoft touts 13% performance improvements in latest version of Microsoft Edge

In a blog post, Microsoft has announced that the latest Canary version of their Edge browser is significantly faster than earlier versions based on Chromium 79. The improvements, which can be seen in Microsoft Edge build 81.0.389.0 is due to “new toolchain optimizations” and can be seen in day to day browser use. In Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft is trying to fix mouse-wheel scrolling on Chromium

One of the distinctive features of the EdgeHTML rendering engine was butter-smooth scrolling, both with your fingers and with the mouse scroll wheel. The move to the Chromium rendering engine has meant switching to a much more abrupt type of scrolling, but Microsoft’s engineers are trying to fix it. A new commit by Microsoft to […]

Microsoft working to make PWAs auto-run at start-up

Microsoft has been working to make Progressive Web Apps more like native apps, including for example adding them to the start menu, and allow users to uninstall them the usual Windows tools. Now in their latest move, they plan to allow these apps to auto-run on start-up of your PC. The option, which is being […]

Edge dev build 80.0.345.0 changelog

Microsoft has updated the Dev channel of the new Edge browser version 81.0.381.0.   The release is the first for 2020 and the first on the new Chromium version 81 branch. The new release brings the following new added features: Added a feature to suggest URLs to visit that are similar to typed URLs that result […]

Microsoft getting ready to drop the Edge Beta label

Microsoft will be releasing the final version of the new Chromium-based Edge browser on the 15th of January and it appears Microsoft is testing dropping the beta label on the icon for the browser. WindowsUnited reports that on a number of installations of the beta build of the browser the Beta label has disappeared, suggesting […]

Microsoft Edge Insider extension download page went live for a moment

Back in April, Microsoft removed the Edge Insider Extension from the Microsoft Store as the company made the switch to Chromium to re-work on the Edge browser. Microsoft has since then been working on a new Edge Insider Extension for the Chromium-based Edge and it now looks like the company is very close to release […]