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How to Use Nearby Share on Samsung S20 Device

Among the gadgets released in 2020, the Samsung S20 Android has attracted so much attention. And you have the easy-to-use Nearby Share feature to thank for all this hype. You can really only compare the remarkable Samsung S20 Nearby Share feature to Apple’s Airdrop. So let’s take a little time to understand how to use this intriguing […]
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How To Connect Android Bluetooth to Windows 10

We’ve all experienced the need to share files or data from one device to another wirelessly. With advances in wavelength technology, the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band gave birth to Bluetooth. People use Bluetooth for exchanging data wirelessly between fixed and mobile devices over a short distance. Instead of cables, all it uses is a small radio chip […]
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Installing Dropbox on Android and Sharing Files

Dropbox has quickly become one of the major file-sharing players since its debut in 2008. The application securely uploads files, from videos to mp3s to PDFs, using cloud-based technology, making it easier to access and share information remotely with anyone that has permission. Part of Dropbox’s widespread success is due to its compatibility with major […]
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