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How We Created a Static Site That Generates Tartan Patterns in SVG

How We Created a Static Site That Generates Tartan Patterns in SVG

Tartan is a patterned cloth that’s typically associated with Scotland, particularly their fashionable kilts. On, we gathered over 5,000 tartan patterns (as SVG and PNG files), taking care to filter out any that have explicit usage restrictions. The idea was cooked up by Sylvain Guizard during our summer holidays in Scotland. At the very beginning, […]

Data-driven JAMstack with Sourcebit | Stackbit

Sourcebit is a new open source project that aims to make it easy for developers to connect their JAMstack site to data coming from a broad range of sources. In this tutorial, we explore how to use it. If I wanted to make a cake, I need the right ingredients – eggs, sugar and flour. […]

Embedded Content in Markdown | CSS-Tricks

Markdown supports HTML, so if you need to, say, embed a YouTube video, you can just copy and paste the embed code from them, drop it into a Markdown document, and you should be good to go. With YouTube specifically, there are other options. But in general, you don’t need to do anything special to […]

How to Get the Current Page URL in Gatsby

This seemingly simple task had me scratching my head for a few hours while I was working on my website. As it turns out, getting the current page URL in Gatsby is not as straightforward as you may think, but also not so complicated to understand. Let’s look at a few methods of making it […]